Former Model ‘Faked’ Mental Health Problems To Get A Free Nose Job

Carla Bellucci said she faked having clinical depression to get a nose job. But she's not sorry about it and has gone as far as to defend what she did.

The model cheated the system by getting the surgery, worth approximately $13,000, for free on The National Health Service (NHS), a publicly funded national healthcare system in the UK.

Carla told Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on talk show This Morning that she 'flirted' with the GP she was seeing who then took her through the process of how to do it.

"I literally just said I wasn't happy about my nose, it made me feel unhappy in day to day life. It did get me a bit depressed and down which was exaggeration of the truth, I've never been clinically depressed," she said.

Model Carla Bellucci. Image: This Morning

"I've never gotten proof of being depressed. I just said it, I was advised to say a few things by a GP. You use your looks a bit, I'm a friendly person with a big personality."

The model said she wanted to get a nose job as it was something that was on her mind.

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"It was slightly off centre and had a little bump. I did bend the truth to get a nose job," Carla said. "I lied, but I do work. I was born here. I feel like I’ve not really done anything that wrong."

Carla went to see a cosmetic surgeon about her concern who advised she not go ahead with the surgery. After this, she joked with friends about having the surgery done for free.

"It was slightly off centre and had a little bump." Image: This Morning

"It started off as a bit of banter between friends," she said. "‘One evening I said, “I’m going to see if I can get this nose job.” ‘I said I was unhappy about I’ve never been clinically depressed I just said it. I was advised to say a few things by a GP."

When asked if she would do it again, Carla said, "I think I am one of many. Maybe there’s cracked in the systems. ‘I’m not saying what I done was right, but I don’t live in regret."

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Viewers were not pleased with Carla's actions and attacked her on social media for rorting the system.

"She should be made to pay for her NHS treatment from now on. Its people like her that get it all when the people that need it can’t get the help!!!!!!’ ‘I am disgusted at the attitude on the lady who has lied about a nose job," one said.

"I am a nurse and see how hard the NHS struggles to meet increasing demands and she has outright lied! She should be prosecuted and the money reclaimed," added another.

Featured image: This Morning