Carrie Bickmore Speaks About Seeking Help After Nearly Dying In Labour

Carrie Bickmore has talked about her fear of giving birth when she was pregnant for the second time with her daughter Evie, now four, after almost dying while in labour with her first child, Oliver 11.

Carrie opened up about her experience on Wednesday night during an appearance on The Weekly With Charlie Pickering, a close friend of hers after sitting alongside each other during the early days of The Project.

The 38-year-old, who is due to return a host of The Project following six months of maternity leave after the birth of her third child, Adelaide, said she sought professional help from a psychologist to help deal with her fear.

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 "We don't spend a lot of time talking about it, I think," Carrie began, explaining she has anxiety and her partner, Chris Walker, has OCD.

That's what we have and we both openly see, I saw psychologists when I was pregnant with Evie as I had this real fear of giving birth to Evie because I nearly died after I gave birth to Ollie.

"I went to see a counsellor and I never was like, 'Oh I better keep that quiet from the kids.' I just tell Ollie like I would if I was going to the dentist of the doctor that I was going to see my counsellor that day."

"I think it's the same with Chris' OCD. Both of those things are a part of our life that we obviously talk about because they're a part of our life. We don't take special time to talk about as if it's a strange thing or a thing to be ashamed of or anything, it's who we are."

Carrie said we don't talk about mental illness enough as Charlie added the journalist's mindset is 'a gift to your kids' suggesting they will grow up without any stigma around mental illness as a result.

"There shouldn't be at all. I'd hate to think my kids ever felt ashamed at all for struggling in any way," she said.

Carrie has previously spoken about being left 'traumatised' in 2017 after giving birth to Ollie on her Hit Network radio show.

Giving birth is a full on thing, it's beautiful, it's special, but it's also traumatic. It's painful, I would have done anything to have the experience erased from my mind.

"They say you forget and that's why you go back again. I never forgot. The funniest part, it's hard to get your head around what actually happens. A big thing comes out of a very small place," she said.

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Ten days after giving birth to Oliver she had a severe haemorrhage, she told Marie Claire in 2016.

"If had I not been able to head straight to a hospital and have an operation and blood transfusions, I would have died."

On returning to The Project, Carrie joked that going to work is much easier than being at home.

"You can have a coffee without it going cold, you can pee without people watching, it's very good."

"But I do have mixed emotions I'll be honest because I've really loved my time at home. Addie was quite a tricky baby to start with I only feel like now we've gotten into the groove."

Carrie called her family, 'the modern family' before speaking about her own upbringing and the fact that she has known no different having grown up as part of a blended family.

"I grew up with my mum and dad and they split up when I was quite young. My mum fell in love with our next door neighbour. She said she fell in love with him watching him iron through the kitchen window which is not creepy at all."

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"We then began a blended family, I instantly gained two sisters and we all grew up together. It was an incredibly challenging childhood because anyone who is in a blended family will know it's really hard."

Carrie said growing up in a blended family prepared her for life and the idea that is isn't always perfect.

It's not always the way you plan it and that was a good thing because my life didn't necessarily work out the way I would have designed it. But now I have the most gorgeous, beautiful, non-traditional family and we all have different last names.

"It must be a nightmare for schools and passports and anything else but that's who we are . Family is about so much more than sharing the same blood. "

Carrie and Chris are parents to daughters Evie, four, and Adelaide, six months, as well as son Oliver, 11, whose father Carrie's late husband, Greg Lange.

If any of these topics have raised issues for you, please contact Lifeline 24-hour crisis support on 13 11 14. 

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