Jules Sebastian Drinks Her Beauty Products Instead Of Putting Them On Her Face

Stylist and TV presenter Jules Sebastian is turning 40 this year, and coming up to the milestone birthday she says has made her become 'obsessed' with her skin.

But instead of adding more steps to her beauty routine or slathering on new creams, the mum of two is doing something else. She's drinking her beauty products and the mum of two joins a growing group of women (myself included) doing the same.

"What with me turning 40 this year, I've suddenly become obsessed with my skin," Jules told The Daily Mail. "I'm all about the idea that beauty starts from the inside and so make sure my diet is good and I'm getting plenty of sleep as well as using all the right products."

"My obsession for healthy skin is going strong. I’m concentrating on working from the inside out to get the glow," Jules wrote on Instagram. "Exercise, water, clean eating and lots of The Beauty Chef potions have been on high rotation!"

"This isn’t a sponsored post, I’m just in pursuit of health and glow and want to talk about the good stuff when I find it!"

Jules is a convert to the range of gut health products The Beauty Chef, and said she uses the following products:

Glow Inner Beauty Powder - $65


Collagen Inner Beauty Boost - $42


Hydration Inner Beauty Boost - $42


Antioxidant Inner Beauty Boost - $42


The powder can be put over the top of foods, such as yoghurt, for breakfast or in any other meals throughout the day.

I use the powder and collagen every morning in a cup of water because I find it the easiest and quickest way to consume it, but the products can also go in a smoothie which is what Jules does.

"I just whizz them all into a smoothie and have one each day," she said. 

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Both the powder and beauty boosters have their own unique taste and are very easy to drink, so they do add to the flavour of foods and drinks when added to them. You can also pop them into your water bottle and drink them throughout the day.

The Beauty Chef is an Australian company which launched in 2009 created by Carla Oates and was founded on the premise that 'beauty begins in the belly'. Carla's mantra for good skin is that you need to look after yourself from the inside, particularly your gut health in order to achieve beautiful and glowing looking skin.

Carla lived with eczema and allergies as a teen, when her mum took her to see a naturopath who made changes to her diet which soon cleared up her skin concerns.

“My inner beauty journey began with my own skin and health issues,” Carla explained. “I have seen that what I put into my mouth has a profound effect on my health.”

Carla is now the mother of two teenage daughters herself, an author, and The Beauty Chef was last estimated to be worth $400 million worldwide.

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Jules said in addition to looking after her skin from the inside, exercise has also had a big impact on her health.

"Now that they're a little bit older, I've been able to make my fitness a priority and make sure I have time for it. Now, I lie out my activewear the night before and put it on as soon as I get up. Then I do the school run and make sure I go to the gym for 45 minutes."

"It's made such a difference to my mood," she said.

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