The Internet Is Baffled By Women Having A Matching 'Magic Freckle'

Ladies, check your wrists!

An innocent tweet of four women noticing a matching freckle in the same spot in the centre on their wrist has sent the internet into meltdown, with thousands of women sharing photos of the exact same 'magical freckle'.

It all kicked off when Twitter user Aaryan Whitley posted the photo of the four different women with the same exact freckle, writing, "Ladies, u got a freckle on the middle of your wrist or is this a myth lmao."

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The tweet has since gone viral with over 22,000 retweets, with thousands of users sharing photos of their own 'magic freckle', with many baffled over the admittedly bizarre coincidence.

"Low key freaking out," said one Twitter user as she posted a photo of her clearly freckled wrist.

"I'm so pale and I have like forty freckles but why is the one in the middle really dark!?," asked another. "I'm scared."

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According to Skin Check WA, a freckle is "a pigmented skin spot where there are no abnormal melanocytes in the skin. It is triggered by UV radiation, especially during childhood" -- which could mean that the commonality of a freckle on one's wrist could simply be due to exposure to the sun.

While many women seem to share the trait, several others have come out over Twitter saying they do not possess the 'magic freckle', seemingly disproving the theory.

So what is this phenomenon, exactly? Science? Genetics? Witchcraft?? We have no idea!!!

Image: Twitter