The Internet Is Already Dragging Kylie Jenner’s Walnut Face Scrub

Twitter is going nuts over Kylie's latest product.

Given the success of Kylie Jenner's makeup empire Kylie Cosmetics, it was only a matter of time until the beauty mogul created a skincare range, which she has, of course, called 'Kylie Skin'.

While her makeup has proved to be insanely popular, the same can't be said for her latest product, a walnut face scrub (which, it's important to note, has not been publicly released yet).

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The 21-year-old announced the addition of several skin products, which also included a foaming face wash, vanilla milk toner, moisturiser, eye cream and vitamin C serum, on top of the walnut face scrub.

The scrub, according to a Kylie Skin tweet, includes "fine walnut powder," which is when sh*t hit the proverbial fan on Twitter.

In a video, Jenner told fans that the scrub is "gentle enough to use every day," though she says she uses it two-to-three times a week. "Some walnut face scrubs are kind of harsh on the skin," she continued. "This isn't too abrasive and it really leaves my skin feeling super baby soft.… My walnut face scrub is my secret to a fresh face."

Beauty fiends immediately went on the attack, saying that walnuts are far too harsh to use on the skin every day and can cause 'micro-tears', effectively damaging the skin and exposing it to infections and irritation.

“Why [buy] the walnut scrub when you could go scrape your face against tree bark for the same effect,” one critic tweeted, while beauty influencer Kathleen Fuentes wrote:

“Kinda shocked Kylie’s scrub is a walnut scrub. That sounds so 2013 right? Lmao I don’t mean it in a bad way but aren’t those types of scrubs too abrasive for the skin? Don’t they cause like tiny scratches? I feel like I don’t see them anymore.”

Many users also referred to the 2017 lawsuit against scincare giant St Ives -- as in, the one we all used in high school -- after people claimed that their Apricot Scrub allegedly caused "microscopic tears in their skin, leaving it vulnerable to bacteria and causing long-term damage and sensitivity". The case was eventually thrown out in December 2018.

Check out more (kind of hilarious) criticisms on Kylie's walnut face scrub below.