'I'm Out The Other Side': Grant Denyer Is Happy To Put His Back Injury Behind Him

These last few months have been a rollercoaster for Grant Denyer.

After suffering a debilitating back injury over a decade ago, the star found himself in hospital again in March this year. While hammering pegs into his paddock, Grant tore a disc in his lower back, leaving him unable to walk or sit without immense pain.

In fact, for 'Dancing with the Stars' finale, Grant was so keen to get back to work that he underwent cortisone shots to help with the pain.

"I wanted to finish this year off strong. So I kind of cheated the clock a little bit and got from cortisone injections to be able to stand up and finish 'Dancing with the Stars' and then tried to return to 'Celebrity Name Game'," he shared. "But eventually I was in too much pain, so I needed another couple of weeks to recover."

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Thankfully, Grant tells us he's now feeling much better and ready to get back to it -- and with his new show 'Celebrity Name Game' set to premiere tonight, it's perfect timing.

"I'm all good, I'm out the other side and I'm back to full duties, which is great," Grant explained to 10 daily.

"We just filmed 12 'Celebrity Name Game' episodes in the last 48 hours and my back has held up well. I knew it'd be a period I just had to get through and it's now fully healed so it's great to be able to put that behind me," he added.

Speaking about the highly anticipated new game show, which sees everyday Aussies paired up with celebs in order to test their pop culture knowledge, Denyer said, "It's so much fun! It's pretty loose. There's a lot of laughs, plus you get to see every day Australians win a bucket load of cash, so that's the ultimate outcome."

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Grant added that viewers can look forward to a star-studded celeb lineup that'll include famous faces such as Courtney Act, Yvie and Angie, Scott Tweedie and Lisa Wilkinson -- just to name a few.

"The 15-year-old inside of me lost his mind when TV legend Lisa Wilkinson said the word 'Uranus' on the national television," he laughed when we asked about the show's funniest moments.

"I'm sorry, I never expected that. And I think my television career has peaked! I could end my TV career now and know that I went out on a high when Lisa Wilkinson 'Uranus' in front of everyone. That's it for me, good night Australia!" he joked.

'Celebrity Name Game' kicks off tonight at 6 pm on 10 and 10 play.

Image: 10