Dangerous Flu Spreading, 50 People Already Hospitalised

Early season influenza cases in Queensland have left 50 people in intensive care amid more than 6500 confirmed cases in the state so far this year.

Authorities are urging people get vaccinated, saying the best time is from mid-April to May to ensure cover through the peak flu season.

Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said hospitals had brought forward flu season strategies including bringing more beds online around south east Queensland.

A warning has been issued about a dangerous flu spreading in Queensland. Source: Getty.

It comes after hospitals across southeast Queensland were on "code yellow" for much of last week because they were essentially full and could not meet public demand, partly due to the unseasonal case of flu.

At the time, the public were urged not to go to emergency wards unless it was necessary.

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The "code yellow" issues have now been resolved and on Thursday Ms Young said those unsure if they require emergency treatment should still contact the health department.

But she said if anyone is critical they should always call triple zero rather than wait to discuss it.