Cannabis Before Sex Means More Orgasms For Women, Says Study

A study has found that women who use cannabis before sex are twice as likely to have an orgasm.

The American study published in the journal of Sexual Medicine aimed to investigate the effects of marijuana on women's sexual experience including libido, arousal, satisfaction, pain and orgasm.

Researchers quizzed 370 or so women -- about 34 percent used marijuana before sex, 13 percent used it afterwards and 50 percent didn't use it at all.

Women who used marijuana before getting frisky had 2.13 higher odds of having satisfactory orgasms compared with women who didn't use it.

Not only that but women who smoked marijuana frequently -- regardless of whether or not they smoked before sex -- were more than twice as likely to reach the big O.

And it was a very big O -- women who used cannabis also cited an increase in orgasm intensity, desire, and overall sexual enjoyment.

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The study concluded that "Marijuana appears to improve satisfaction with orgasm."

Thing is, the researchers aren't exactly sure how or why.

"The question of how marijuana leads to these positive changes in sexual function is unknown," the study stated.

They suggested that marijuana may "lower sexual inhibitions and increase confidence and a willingness to experiment."

The drug is also known to heighten sensations such as touch, smell, sight, taste, and hearing which can make a romp in the sheets far more pleasurable.

Past research published in Sexual Functioning drew a link between marijuana and the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis which controls the sex hormones.

"There are cannabinoid receptors in the hypothalamus that regulate gonadotrophin-releasing hormone and oxytocin release, both of which play a role in normal sexual functioning," the study stated.

The study also found that the activation of cannabinoid receptors enhanced dopamine levels -- which might lead to more satisfying sex.

In addition, marijuana has been shown to affect testosterone levels, which play a role in sex drive.

At the moment, legalisation of recreational cannabis in the US is still relatively new and varies by state.

In Australia, recreational cannabis is currently illegal however medicinal cannabis was given the green light at the federal level in 2016.

Cannabis vs. cannabidiol

While cannabis lowers stress and anxiety and increases pleasure in some people, it has the opposite effect on others -- in which case it probably won't do you any favours in the bedroom.

In that case, CBD -- aka cannabidiol -- might be a good alternative. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that works the same way as cannabis but does not contain THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) so it won't get you high.

Medicinal cannabis includes a combo of both CBD and THC and is used to treat a wide range of conditions like epilepsy and chronic pain.

A survey by US natural health site Remedy Review found that CBD increased sexual pleasure in 68 percent of respondents.

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"CBD can lessen feelings of performance anxiety and other insecurities, and lubrication products that include CBD provide added sensation that can make it easier to focus on your body during sex," Melena Gurganus wrote for Remedy Review.

In the US, CBD is available in oils, capsules, tinctures, sprays, gummies, lubricants and more.

In the UK it's also available in skincare -- thanks in part to Australian beauty brand MGC Derma which stocks a range of products including toners, masks and eye creams all infused with cannabidiol.

They claim to tackle common skin problems like acne, psoriasis and eczema by helping to reduce inflammation and boost healing.

The only way to legally get your hands on medical cannabis in Australia is via the government-approved Special Access Scheme which includes both CBD and THC infused products.

Feature image: Focus Features.