Why 5:2 Guru Michael Mosley Thinks 10,000 Steps Is A Crock

The 5:2 diet guru has spoken out on Studio 10 about why we don't need to count steps after all.

Dr Michael Mosley is really the undisputed king of weightloss, with his 5:2 Diet and intermittent fasting regime sweeping the world since he released it over six years ago.

And he's just released a new diet program-- The Fast 800 -- a three-pronged attack for weight loss, where in the initial stage you eat only 800 calories each day for at least two weeks (in some cases longer if you have more to lose).

After that you stick to a 5:2 diet plan, but still eat 800 calories a day. Which is totally doable right?

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And now, radically, he's got something to say about getting in those 10,000 steps we're supposed to be getting in every day.

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You see, he says it's rubbish.

*puts trainers in cupboard*

"It's about activity, not about exercise," he told Studio 10. "Finding something you can stick to. It could be dancing or walking up the stairs. And I have to tell you this 10,000 steps is complete nonsense," he said.

It's an invention by a Japanese pedometer company in 1964 -- you don't need to do that, you do need to do brisk walking.

And yes, intermittent fasting and rapid weight loss were seen as unhealthy and weird before he -- our favourite diet radical -- came along and showed the world the health benefits -- think lowered blood insulin and sugar levels, reversal of type 2 diabetes, increased energy, improved fat burning, lowered blood cholesterol.

What a hero!

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"For a long time we believed that rapid weight loss was a terrible way to go, but the evidence is mounting of its benefits if done properly," he said -- which means ensuring you have adequate amounts of protein, fibre and essential nutrients in your diet.

And now you don't even have to get in the right amount of steps. Life is sweet.

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