Measles Alert For Passengers On Qantas Flight

Hundreds of airline passengers have been alerted after NSW Health revealed a man on a Qantas flight had contracted the highly contagious measles.

Passengers on Qantas flight QF20 which landed on Friday at Sydney airport should be on the alert until January 29, as it takes 10 to 18 days for symptoms of the disease to show according to NSW Health.

The man in his 20's visited Leichhardt medical and dental centre in Sydney's inner west where the disease was suspected and he was put into isolation.

Patients who were at the centre at the same time have been offered preventative treatment.

A person infected with measles (Image Ten News First)

Meanwhile, NSW Health has also alerted Qantas to the man's condition.

"If you develop symptoms please call ahead to your GP so that you do not wait in the waiting room with other patients," said Dr Vicky Sheppeard, the director of communicable diseases for NSW Health.

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People who are travelling to areas in south-east Asia where the disease is still prevalent have been advised to make sure they are fully vaccinated before they head overseas.

A vaccination being administered (Image Ten News First)

"The measles-mumps-rubella vaccine is safe and highly effective protection against measles, and is available for free for those aged 1 to 52 from your GP," said Dr Sheppeard.

The disease is highly contagious, with symptoms including fever, sore eyes and the development of a red blotchy rash which spreads from the head to the neck three or four days afterward.