What Is Going On With Jessica Simpson's Feet?

Fans are urging the pregnant star to call a doctor after she shared an image of her severely swollen foot.

Simpson, who announced her pregnancy in September last year, took to both her Twitter and Instagram accounts, sharing the shot which showed the lower part of her calf looking painfully bloated.

She captioned the image: "Any remedies?! HELP!!!!"

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But instead of offering treatment ideas, fans took the opportunity to beg the mother-of-two to head to the doctor in the event she may be suffering from pre-eclampsia.

According to the Mayo Clinic, pre-eclampsia usually begins in pregnancies after 20 weeks and is characterised by high blood pressure.

Leading Australian obstetrician and gynaecologist Prof Gino Percoraro, who has not treated Jessica Simpson, told 10 daily that the condition is characterised by severe swelling.

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But, he said, the swelling occurs throughout the whole body.

"You get it around the face, around the eyes and even around the nose," he said. "You get it everywhere. So while it's important to look at a pregnant woman's feet, you need to check her entire body."

Jessica Simpson. Source: Getty
The Signs

Prof Pecoraro said that while swelling is an important marker for pre-eclampsia, there are a number of other warning signs pregnant women need to look out for.

They include:

  • A general "off" feeling. Prof Pecoraro said that one of the "big things" to look out for is when a pregnant woman says she "just doesn't feel right".
  • Headaches
  • Seeing spots and dots in front of their eyes
  • Having a feeling of heartburn that just doesn't go away
  • Pain above the liver

Prof Pecoraro advised that if a pregnant woman is feeling any or all of those symptoms to head straight to the hospital.

"People can and have died from it," he said. "It's important to get it treated immediately".

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