Putting Babies In Prams Could Be A Summer Tragedy

We all know the dangers of leaving a child in a car, could a pram also be a killer?

Prams are a life-saver for parents with children, convenient to keep kids comfortable and move around.

In the heat of the Australian summer however, enclosed prams could carry similar risks to being locked inside a car, according to medical experts.

Temperatures inside a pram can increase by 15 degrees, according to Doctor Jason Acworth, Paediatric Emergency Director at Children's Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service.

"The kids will get very flushed, they can get cramps, they can get abdominal pain and nausea and vomiting." said Dr Acworth.

Hot weather could be a killer for babies in closed prams. (Image 10 News First)

Babies can get overheated in just minutes, experts warned.

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The danger is caused by the fact that infants struggle to regulate their body temperature in the same way that adults do, and so can become overheated very quickly.

Temperatures in prams can rise by as much as 15 degrees (10 News First)

This is only exacerbated when the lid of a pram is closed or a blanket thrown over the top in any type of extreme heat.

"We know that parents are trying to get away from direct sunlight, but what they might be doing is forming like a small oven, with a small body in there that could heat up very quickly," Scott Phillips, the CEO of Kidsafe Western Australia told 10 News First.

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