The Weirdest Hangover Cures From Around The World

It's the day after the night before and, no doubt, many of us are feeling a little worse for wear.

But before reaching for that bacon and egg roll or indulging in a little hair of the dog, perhaps that given it is a New Year why not broaden your culinary horizons and take some inspiration for some of the best hangover cures from across the pond?

Feather Of The Canary In Rome

According to Roman historian Pliny The Elder, when the ancient Romans woke up feeling as though they'd swallowed sand they too enjoyed a fry up. Only their fry up didn't consist of bacon and eggs, instead, they preferred to chow down on a Canary. Yes, the bird.

Gizmodo reports that debate is still raging on today about whether or not the bird was beheaded and skinned before consumption or simply eaten whole.

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Hold The Pickle But Give The Turkish The Juice

For the Turkish nothing is better for a hangover than a good old glass of pickle juice -- but, according to the BBC, not just any old jar of pickle juice will do.

The country's cuisine offers a range of pickle juices, with some even dark purple in colour thanks to the inclusion of turnips and red carrots in the fermentation process.

Turkish chef, Somer Sivrioğlu, is a clear convert telling the broadcasting service that "whenever I can feel the lingering effects of a hangover, I seek out a pickle shop. It’s much more natural and cheaper than any painkiller."

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Mongolian's Like Their Tomato Juice With Extra Eyes

After a heavy night of drinking the Mongolians like to kick back with a big glass of tomato juice ... and a pickled sheep eye.

The tradition, according to Inside Edition, is said to date back to the reign of Ghengis Kahn.

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If You're In Sicily Try A 'Dried Bull's Penis For One'

This is, of course, considered a delicacy and according to The Daily Meal is similar in texture to beef jerky and is supposed to restore vitality.

Surprisingly, this chewy treat is no longer as popular as it once was (we wonder why?) and, according to The Local, is now used as treats for dogs.

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The Scottish Prefer Their Sausages With A Little Fizz

Way back in 2007 Scottish butcher, Stuarts of Buckhaven, decided to marry the classic Scottish soft drink, Irn-Bru, with another great hangover cure, sausages.

They're pretty simple to make -- instead of adding water to the sausage meat, add Irn-Bru instead.

A Little Sparrow Poo In Brandy For The Hungarians

The Hungarian's believe that a little sparrow poo -- fresh of course -- combined with brandy is the perfect way to ease your suffering, according to

This is quite possibly the most dangerous supposed cure on the list and we strongly suggest you DO NOT try it at home.

The Mexican's Like Their Soup With Some Guts

Menudo or Pancita literally translates to 'little gut' or 'little stomach' and is a classic hangover cure in Mexico, according to We Are Latin Live.

The dish is made using beef stomach, or tripe, which is stewed in a red chilli pepper base and can take up the seven hours to prepare.

Namibian's Like To Reach For A Glass Of Fresh Buffalo Milk

Hold up, because this one is definitely not as innocent as it sounds...

Buffalo Milk isn't actually Buffalo Milk at all -- rather, it's a cocktail comprising of ice-cream, spiced rum, dark rum, cream liqueur, and clotted cream.

To be honest, who cares whether or not it cures your hangover, because it sounds bloody delicious.

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