The Photos That Sparked A Barrage Of Hate For Sydney Model

Ariella Nyssa, 21, is an Australian model making headlines.

In an age where photoshopped images of woman are the norm, Nyssa is making some epic waves.

The beautiful swimwear model from Sydney made international headlines when she spoke up against the barrage of abuse she receives for posting untouched photos, including disgusting comments such as 'your ass looks like my balls'.

"I receive many comments about my cellulite and cellulite in general" a recent Instagram post from the model began, as she spoke candidly about not only the abuse she received but the toll society's fear of cellulite takes on women.

"Years ago I hated my cellulite. I was so insecure about it and as a result I made it my number one priority to tackle what most of society deems as an “unhealthy, unattractive flaw”. During this time I cut out all foods that I loved, I ran and ran on a treadmill and only ever did cardio at the gym. Throughout this time I was constantly tired, my immune system was poor and my mental health and self worth were at an all time low. After years of trying different diets, starving myself and only doing cardio, I stopped and thought about what cellulite is. Why does it make me "unattractive”. And you know the conclusion I came too? IT DOESNT. Cellulite doesn’t make you any less beautiful," her post stated.

Her Instagram is littered with pictures of her body with negative and cruel comments such as “your ass looks like a plastic bag that you have left in the snow over winter, and you got it back out in the spring time" but thankfully it is also filled with support for Nyssa and the message  she is trying to spread.

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"Lumps and bumps don’t equate to an unhealthy lifestyle. Ariellanyssa, stay true to yourself, you are beautiful and perfect!" one of many supportive comments read. 

Perfect indeed.

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