Jameela Jamil Totally Dumps On Airbrushing And Calls For A Ban

How much do we love Jameela Jamil? Let us count the ways.

Not only has the actress spoken out about diet teas and how bad they are, as well as made an awesome video on the same topic, she's also a leading advocate against body shaming, with her Instagram account and movement, @i_weigh.

And now Jameela has spoken out about photoshopping and airbrushing on the BBC News website, writing an inspiring op-ed about it.

Girl can do no wrong.

"I would like to put airbrushing in the bin. I want it gone. I want it out of here," she wrote.

"I think it's a disgusting tool that has been weaponised, predominantly against women, and is responsible for so many more problems than we realise because we are blinded by the media, our culture and our society."

I suffered from eating disorders as a teenager and so I know how damaging 'perfect' images in magazines can be."

The actress and star of the The Good Place went on to list a number of reasons why the practice is so damaging, starting with the fact that she calls it a lie to consumers.

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"If you buy the products airbrushing is used to advertise, you won't look like the person in the photograph," she warned, going on to list the details of things that are changed to create the images we see in some advertising.

Jamil then argued that photoshop is also bad for the person whose image is manipulated -- stating that digital editing has contributed to many women going under the knife, and adding that,  in many cases, " it's a message from the editor to me that I am not good enough as I am."

And finally she went into some damning statistics about women and eating disorders -- for example, in the UK alone, admissions to hospitals for severe eating disorders have almost doubled over the last six years.

"Two-thirds of teenage girls and young women don't think they're pretty enough. And 93% think they're judged on their appearance more than their ability," she continued.

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The actress also spoke to the problem with filters on selfies as well as magazine images, and disputed the fact that men are allowed to age and gain weight, when women are not.

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"It is anti-feminist. It is ageist. It is fat-phobic." she said.

You're so right, we agreed.

"We need to see spots. We need to see wrinkles. We need to see cellulite and stretch marks," she continued, as we watch the Iconic's groundbreaking Swim 2018 fashion show and applauded for that very reason. 

"Don't give your money to any institution that sells you the lie of 'perfection'," she said finally. "They are trying to break you, so you will hate yourself and go out and buy something you don't need, in order to fix something that was never broken in the first place."

Jameela for PM.

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