More And More Women Are Getting Liposuction On Their 'Cankles'

The popularity of cosmetic surgery is no secret, but where women are now focusing on may surprise you.

Nope, we're not talking about breast or butt implants, you need to go lower than that.

We're talking about your calves. That part of your leg that sits just above your ankle. And, like most parts of the body women are paying to get theirs 'fixed'.

Is it any surprise when a quick Google search of the term brings up a rather cruel definition.

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Enter specialist plastic surgeon Doctor Anh Nguyen. She told 10 daily that most of her clients aren't bothered by any other part of their body -- just their cankles.

"I've seen a lot of women that want shapely calves," she said. "They do all the training at the gym -- but it's the simple thing of being able to wear nice shoes which they can't do with cankles".

She said that while it may say "a bit extreme when you delve into it -- it just shows women are a bit more empowered to do things for ourselves".

A before and after shot from Dr. Nguyen. Source: Supplied

Doctor Nguyen said that most of her patients find it hard to find shoes that fit. While it may seem like a minor inconvenience, she said it can begin to erode a woman's confidence especially when they can't find anything for formal events.

"Some people won't end up going to a formal event or a wedding because they can't get their ankles into the kind of shoes they'd like to wear," she said.

Doctor Nguyen said the age of her patients varies from "mid-20s all the way to their mid-60s".

"It’s really bizarre. I would expect it in the young patients who are body conscious -- particularly women who wear a lot of activewear -- but I have a lot of mature ladies as well," she said.

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Before The Procedure

Like all major plastic surgery procedures, there are a number of boxes that need to be ticked off by both Dr. Nguyen and the patient before surgery can be carried out.

"Patients come in for a consultation and we assess the area. Then we organise some formal imaging  just to make sure it’s technically possible to do"

Doctor Nguyen said that it's important to make the distinction between fluid retention and fat, as fluid retention can't be shifted.

The next step for Dr. Nguyen is to send her client's to undergo counselling to make sure their expectations of the surgery are realistic.

The Procedure

Doctor Nguyen explains that the surgery is really just liposuction.

"It varies and it depends on how much fat there is to drain -- but often it's just a small amount that has to be removed," she said.

After the surgery is complete, Dr. Nguyen said she encourages her patients to get on their feet "straight away" to avoid developing deep vein thrombosis.

"Everyone recovers a bit different," she said. "Most people are a bit sore and bruised for a coup[le of weeks."

Doctor Nguyen said her patients are required to wear compression garments and undergo lymphatic massages as part of their recovery.

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