S**t A Brick! -- Doctors Eat And Poop Lego In The Name Of Science

Six paediatric health-care professionals are braving the hard plastic challenge for a very important reason.

The joint Australian/UK study was brought about due to parental concern over the damage that a Lego figure could cause if ingested.

The study is aimed at finding the time that it takes for a piece to 'transit' through a person's digestive system safely and be found on the other side.

This is NOT a dinner plate (Image AAP)

The doctor's Stool Hardness and Transit score (SHAT) was measured beforehand as a control for the experiment.

The Found and Retrieved Time (FART) which basically involves searching through a person's poop until you find the Lego that had been ingested.

Doctors do not recommend this for lunch (Image Getty)

The studies were set against a number of criteria, including previous gastrointestinal surgeries and studies on the inability to ingest foreign objects.

The average FART score *giggles* was set at just over 1.7 days, indicating the amount of time between the specialist eating the Lego and it being found in their stool.

How the doctors may have felt when they found their Lego piece (Image Getty)

The findings of the result say that for a small piece such as a Lego figurine's head should pass through the body harmlessly.

The brave doctors also said they do not recommend anyone, parents or children, swallow a Lego piece.

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