Posting Black And White Pics On Instagram Might Mean Your Dating Life Sucks

Turns out what you post on Instagram reveals more than your taste in coffee, your love of dogs or your penchant for mirror selfies.

There's a ~deeper~ meaning hidden in each of our Insta pics, a new study has found, if you know what to look for that is.

The study, which involved about 180 university students and examined over 25,000 Insta snaps, focused on specific features like the number of faces in the photo, what their expressions are and also the colour of the photo itself.

It was found that these telltale features were directly related to the 'gram user's personality and personal life.

This allowed the researchers to start mapping out users' Big Five personality traits -- openness to experience, conscientiousness, extroversion-introversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. 

Turns out Instagram users who were considered more extroverted, agreeable and open tended to post photos featuring multiple people, who were visibly happy and having a good time.

That all seems pretty legit. If you're a social, cheery and full-of-life kind of guy or gal, you're probably going to post quite a few pics of your and your mates being social, cheery and full-of-life.

The same idea applied in reverse. Less faces, less smiles meant the poster was more introverted and closed off.

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What was a little less obvious was what the photo's hue says about you.

The study found that those who posted hyper-coloured snaps were typically more likeable and easy to get along with, but as the colour level dialled down so too did the poster's mood.

Users who were neurotic and emotionally unstable stuck to fewer, more muted colours or entirely black and white snaps. They were also more likely to be in unhappy relationships.

It explains why you might turn to Insta filters like Moon or Inkwell -- they make colour pics black and white -- when life isn't feeling too peachy.

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It's not the first time that a connection between social media use and mental health has popped up. A separate study found that using Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat can increase depression and loneliness.

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Another drew a direct correlation between the excessive posting of selfies and an increase in narcissism, which is widely considered a highly undesirable personality trait.

Who knew social media could hold so many secrets about its millions of users? Not us. Now we're off to review our Insta profile.

Feature image: Instagram/@selenagomez.