Can A Baby Bump Suddenly 'Pop Out' Overnight? We Asked An Expert

First it wasn’t there and then, suddenly, it was.

We’re talking about Meghan Markle’s baby bump, of course. After keeping the news under wraps for months, the Duchess and her husband announced they were expecting their first child together at the start of their Aussie tour.

Sure there were a few subtle signs -- which we all missed -- but even after confirming she was indeed expecting, Meghan’s bump was so tiny (as it usually is in those early stages) you’d have to squint just to see it.

Then the couple landed in Fiji and everything changed.

These images were taken three days apart. Source: Getty

Meghan and Harry were attending a state dinner in Fiji and the former TV star decided to wear a stunning Safiaa cape gown for the formal occasion. Not only did its colour perfectly match Fiji’s flag, but it also showed-off Meghan’s baby bump in a way we hadn’t yet seen.

Suddenly, after spending all this time wondering when the royal bump might ‘pop’ -- there it was ... and seemingly overnight.

According to Associate Professor Gino Pecoraro -- who’s an obstetrician and gynaecologist -- there could be a number of factors at play behind Meghan’s sudden baby bump burst.

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It might sound simple, but Prof. Pecoraro said a lot of effort would’ve gone in to making sure the media didn’t pick up on the bump before the couple were ready to make their announcement.

“Most people who try to hide their pregnancy wear a range of different things,” he told ten daily.

“They opt for things like high-waisted dresses, or non-fitted outfits, so they don’t accentuate their stomach.”

Meghan dons this Martin Grant maxi dress on Bondi beach, which offers a subte hint to the delicate package she's carrying. Source: Getty

Professor Pecoraro said that it’s common for women to suddenly show during their pregnancy at different times. And it can come down to how tall you are.

“A lot of it has to do with your height,” he said. “If you’re a tall person the uterus can grow up and then out – but if you’re a shorter person the uterus has nowhere to go but out”.

According to her Wikipedia page Meghan is around 1.71 metres tall -- or 5.6ft -- which is considered average.

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Professor Pecoraro also explained that muscle tone can have a huge impact on when exactly a pregnant woman starts to show.

It depends on your anterior abdominal wall -- those are the muscles that make up your six-pack (or, in our case, lack thereof).

“When you’ve got a stronger abdominal wall you can hide your pregnancy for longer,” he said.

Given that Meghan has openly spoken about her love of yoga -- we’re guessing those ab muscles are pretty tight.


Here’s where it gets a little … icky.

Professor Pecoraro explained that pregnant women produce erm, more gas due to the increase amount of progesterone -- also known as the ‘pregnancy hormone’ -- in their body.

“The increase in progesterone does a number of things, including increasing the amount of gas in a woman’s body,” he said.

“That in turn will lead to their bowel slowing down and cause constipation. If a woman’s gut bacteria ends up fermenting, then her bloating will increase.”

Professor Pecoraro added that this would be particularly evident if you’re travelling while pregnant, like Meghan.

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