This Is How To Do A Sage Cleanse In Your Home

It is one of the oldest known ways of helping to clear bad energy from your space.

But what exactly is sage cleansing?

Believed to have originated in Native American Tribes, the ancient ritual involves burning dried sage with the aim to cleanse the energy – good or bad -- in the space around us.

According to Ashley Bellino from Stoned Crystals, it’s akin to a spiritual spring clean for our homes.

“On a physical level we regularly clean our houses from dust and dirt. So it makes sense to also do this energetically,” she told ten daily.

Bellino said that it originated with the sole purpose of helping to “drive away negative energy and restore balance to people and spaces”.

"Everything is connected," she said.

"Think about it -- sometimes a person might enter a room and before you've even turned to see them you know they're there because of a "feeling".

"Our energy introduced us to others before we even speak," Bellino said.

Apart from sage, Bellino said that smudge sticks are also used during the cleansing process.

“They’re just tied bundles of sacred herbs – such as cedar and rosemary – that are used to help cleanse a space in order to clear low vibration and stagnant, negative energy,” she said.

Bellino added that when we do perform a cleansing ritual we do so standing on the shoulders of centuries of Native American wisdom.

“When we perform a smudging ritual we plug into a deeply symbolic tradition that uses messages of prayer and intention amidst the smoke that ascends up to the gods,” she explained

It’s also been proven that sage contains antimicrobial properties – which means they can help to keep infectious bacteria and viruses at bay.

“The smoke absolutely has a direct effect on reducing our stress response,” Bellino said.

Fresh Herb Bundles of Rosemary, Sage and Flowers

Keen to perform one at home? Here's what you need to do:

"Hold the smugle/sage bundle at one end and light the herbs or flowers at the other end," Bellini explained.

"Then walk through your home or space filling each room and ever last nook with the thick smoke.

"Make sure you have a fire proof dish with you to catch any embers and also hold the smudge bundle after you're finished as it continues to burn," she said.

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