Expert Tips To Stop Hating Running And Actually Start Enjoying It

So you can Run, Forrest, Run!

Running. Mankind has been doing it for years. It's a great way to escape carnivorous beasts, and catch that pesky bus you nearly miss every morning.

But did you know that some people run for fun? Like, not because they have to, but because they want to. They actually enjoy lacing up their sneakers and pounding the pavement for kilometres on end.

It's wild but it's true.

Even if the phrase 'just going for a jog!' rarely -- if never -- leaves your lips, you too could one day be part of the Run For Fun Club.

At least, that's what world champion Ultra Marathon runner and Bulk Nutrients ambassador Kyle Williams wants us to believe.

"Running can feel monotonous and it’s easy to feel like your not getting anywhere fitness wise and give up, but running can be one of the best things for your body and mind if you just stick with it," he told ten daily.

If you say so ...

Williams shared some easy tips to help beginners ease themselves into running nice and gently.

Hey, you might even start to enjoy it. Stranger things have happened.

Start Gently and Slowly

"'Slow and steady wins the race' might be one of the most overused phrases, however it is very relatable when starting to run. By starting your training with a run/walk program -- run a certain distance, then walk a certain distance and repeat -- running will seem a lot less daunting.

Not only is it easier on your body, but it will break up your running into manageable chunks so you don’t feel completely exhausted in the first ten minutes."

Find a running friend or join a running group

"Running with a friend makes you accountable for actually doing a session at a certain time/date. It is also a great way to make running more entertaining for those that get bored easily.

If you can’t find a friend to join you on your new running journey, there are also a lot of great running groups around that you can join for free. One of my favourites is parkrun Australia, who hold weekly free and timed 5km runs in parks around Australia."

Make a running date with yourself

"Like you would a dinner with your friend or a date with a special someone, set time aside each week to commit to running. Block it out in your calendar and don’t be flexible with it. This gives you a set time frame and day to get yourself into running mode without interruptions."

Get off the pavement and hit the trails

"Sometimes once you find a running circuit you stick to it religiously and don’t tend to venture outside of it. This can self-sabotage your training as it’s super easy to get bored running the same circuit over and over again.

Mix up your running training and venture to some trails in nature reserves or parks around your city. By doing this you discover new paths which can add an element of excitement to your runs, dirt trails are also a lot less taxing on your body than cement paths."

Set a short term goal and make it public

"Setting achievable goals is a great way to keep track of your progress and gives you something to aim for, however by putting your goal out there also makes you more accountable.

Once you set a goal share it with your family and friends or even write it on a piece of paper and stick it on your fridge, that way it is public which will give you even more motivation to work towards it."

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