Scientists Reckon This Scent Might Cure Baldness

Turns out it was right under our nose the entire time.

In a breakthrough that will no doubt make your hair stand-up on end (sorry), scientists have finally found a cure for baldness.

Well, kind of.

Turns out the smell of sandalwood has the power to stimulate and regrow hair follicles.

Scientists at the University of Manchester used Sandalore, a chemical which mimics the scent of sandalwood, and applied it onto human scalp tissues in a lab.

As it turns out a receptor called OR2AT4 – which is found in the outer layers of follicles -- was stimulated by the chemical.

They found that applying it helped increase hair growth and decrease cell death.

It works because hair follicles are kind of like our nose in the sense that they can “smell” – by making use of ancient smell receptors which help with things like cell growth.

The man who led the study, Professor Ralf Paus, told The Independent that the find was "actually rather amazing". You don't say?

“This is the first time ever that it has been shown that the remodelling of a normal human mini-organ [a hair] can be regulated by a simple, cosmetically widely-used odoran," he said.

And it doesn't look like our follically challenged friends will have to wait too long before According to Prof. Paus, who is predicting to see results from a clinical trial by the beginning of next year.

Time to stock up on that incense.

Featured Image: Getty