These Are The Best Hangover Cures... According To Twitter

From tomato juice, to coconut water or simply drinking more alcohol, we’ve all got our own special ways of dealing with a hangover.

Being the glorious founts of knowledge that they are, Twitter users decided to share their helpful (and many unhelpful) tips for getting rid of that dreaded dry mouth and pounding migraine.

Some might surprise you… others not so much.

OK, so the science may still be out on many of these methods (read: most). That said, there are a few proven ways to help ease away that self-inflicted pain.

While science still doesn't fully understand what's behind a hangover, it's readily accepted that alcohol messes with the chemicals in our body.

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First there's the acetaldehyde, which builds up as a byproduct when our body processes booze. It's 30 times more toxic than alcohol itself and is likely to be behind the classic symptoms such as nausea and feeling like you want to curl up and die.

Other factors include dehydration -- which is usually behind those headaches and that feeling of having a fur coat stuck to your tongue.

Then there's the nausea which is typically caused by the way our digestive system deals with processing alcohol.

While you can try to shake off the symptoms by drinking more water and having a lie down, as it currently stands there's only one real proven way to beat a hangover -- don't drink.

We know... Sorry.

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