Barry's Bootcamp: Everything You Need To Know About The Hottest Fitness Craze Coming Down Under

With its first Aussie studio opening this week, we bring you everything you need to know about your new fitness obsession.

It may sound like something from 50 Shades of Grey, but the Red Room at Barry's Bootcamp will give you a whole different kind of workout. It will still leave you incredibly sweaty though.

It's the workout of the stars, with celebs like Kim Kardashian, David Beckham, Adriana Lima and even the Obamas all attending a Barry's or two in their time.

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With over 40 locations across the globe including New York, Milan, Dubai and London, the fitness craze opens their first Aussie studio this week.

If you're considering shaking up your fitness regime, ten daily travelled to Los Angeles as a guest of Barry's to check out what all the fuss was about.

So what exactly is Barry's Bootcamp?

Don't let the name fool you, Barry's isn't a bootcamp in the traditional "wake up at 6am and workout in a park" kind of bootcamp.

Each Barry's class is a 55-minute long, high-intensity workout split between strength and cardio training.

Each day of the week is split between various muscle groups: Monday is arms and abs, Tuesday butt and legs, Wednesdays focus on chest, back and abs, Thursdays are all abs while Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all full-body workouts.

How are classes structured?

Each class varies dramatically with the trainer's personal style and class structure. No class is the same, and different trainers will have different intervals and set-ups depending on how they want to run the day.

The studio is set-up with a row of treadmills lining the red room, and a collection of steps spread out on the floor. When you check-in at concierge you're assigned either a treadmill or floor number where you'll begin the workout.

Barry's Bootcamp: Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Fitness Craze To Hit Australia
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Trainers will then lead the class, talking to both groups simultaneously directing you regardless of if you're on the treadmill or floor. Throughout the class, the trainer will instruct both groups -- treadmill and floor -- on what to do, and when to swap between the two.

Trainers also craft their own playlists, with music being licensed specifically for the workouts, so your favourite club bangers are pumped into the red room, ensuring you don't lose momentum on any uphill sprints.

Are there beginner classes?

There aren't varying levels of classes, but each class is completely scalable. During classes, trainers will instruct -- or perhaps "suggest" is a better way of putting it -- a range to aim for, be it speed or weight to use.

That being said, if you're new to weight training, you might want to make sure you're at least confident with your form when it comes to basic exercises. Each class is run by a single trainer and while they're roaming around assisting as much as they can, they're also coordinating two separate groups in different intervals and exercises. There's a risk of injury if you're picking up heavy weights without first having the proper technique for the exercises.

Are there options for non-runners?

Barry's classes also offer a double floor option for those who want to do away with the treadmill -- just a heads-up, you'll feel the burn pretty quickly on a double floor abs day.

Barry's Bootcamp: Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Fitness Craze To Hit Australia
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What are the facilities at Barry's like?

We spoke to Blake Bridges and Heston Russell, the power couple bringing Barry's down under, and the pair were adamant that part of the Barry's brand includes a full suite of facilities.

Each Barry's features a concierge who'll check you into your class and give you your starting position, as well as lockers, towels (both for showering and workout), showers, beauty products, wi-fi, a merch shop and the signature Fuel Bar.

The Fuel Bar features a range of post-workout shakes and smoothies that you can order prior to your class, so when you walk out of the studio (in our case, drenched in sweat) a drink is waiting for you to pick up. Shakes range in price and vary from studio to studio.

What's the pricing like?

You can sign up for Barry's in one of two ways, per class or in memberships. If you're buying classes casually it's a very pricey investment. You can buy classes either one, five, 10 or 20 at a time, with the cost ranging from $36 per class to $32 per class. Memberships drop that price slightly, where you'll pay per how often you attend per month: For example, 12 classes per 30 days at $30 per class.

Can you do a Barry's Bootcamp class hungover?

We tested this one specifically for our own records and we can tell you it is entirely possible to get through a Barry's class after a big night.

Do we recommend doing it hungover?

Oh, god no.

Barry's first Aussie location opens on September 15, with a second location in Sydney opening next month and a Melbourne on the future roadmap. For more info or to book a class, check out the site here.

ten daily travelled to L.A. as a guest of Barry's Bootcamp. 

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