Lose Weight And Get Your Money Back On CSIRO Diet

A money-back deal for those who do the Total Wellbeing Diet for 12 weeks.

The solution to weight loss is not what you put in your mouth, but what stays in your pocket, according to the CSIRO. The government science body says its money back incentive has proved to be a huge motivator for those looking to shed a few kilos.

Melbourne woman Trish Spink signed up to the Total Wellbeing Diet six months ago, and she’s now 20 kilograms lighter and not a cent out of pocket.

“I had nothing to lose but the weight,” she said.

“You’ve paid for it up front and you want to make sure you meet that criteria at the end of it.”

The diet promotes a balanced diet.

Not unlike other diets, it teaches you to balance your food groups and encourages you to track your progress online. The difference though, is if you’ve maintained this over 12 weeks, your $199 sign-up fee is returned.

This has been the motivation for many participants, with 20 percent getting their money back.

Trish Spink and Dr Gilly Hendrie.

Those refunded were also more likely to lose more weight, lower their blood pressure and decrease their risk of heart disease.

CSIRO’s nutritionist Dr Gilly Hendrie says incentives come in all forms and for some, it’s money.

“We’re trying to find as many novel and interesting ways to encourage people to start weight loss programs because obesity is such a big issue in Australia,” she told reporters.

According to Government figures, a quarter of children and two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese and that’s costing the Australian economy $20 billion.

If you’re interested, visit CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet.