The Peegasm: What The Heck Is It, And Why Isn't It Safe?

We can't hold it in much longer.

The 'Peegasm'.

It's the latest ~sexy~ term that's got the internet's knickers in a knot.

Sure, it's pretty wild, and it's got doctors shaking their heads, but it's also not as kinky as it first sounds. So, quit it with the eyebrows, you.

Heads up for the faint of heart, however, as there's significant talk about weeing, private bits and *GASP* sex ahead.

Okay, ya still with us? Let's gamely leap into the world of the peegasm.

A peegasm is a feeling of intense relief -- or some say, orgasmic pleasure --that some women experience when emptying a very full bladder.

The term popped up in a Reddit thread after a curious user posed the following curly question to his fellow female community members:

Ladies, do any of you get mini orgasms from peeing after holding it in?

The gentleman explained that he became intrigued after his girlfriend reported orgasm-like feelings "all the way up her spine to her head" when she did a really big wee.

His GF described the experience as unlike anything she's felt during sex. Intriguing, no?

The forum lit up with responses confirming that, yes, peegasms are indeed a thing.

One user commented, "I call them the piss shivers because they’re not quite orgasmic in my opinion but close enough."

Piss shivers. Not very elegant, but it gets the point across.

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It looks like the peegasm isn't a ladies-only thang either, with at least one lad piping up, "As a guy it feels a lot like ejaculation, but in a continuous stream rather than spurts. It's fun to experience but I really feel drained (heh) afterwards."

Haha, good one!

It might all be fun and games on the loo, but experts aren't laughing. Doctors are concerned that while a peegasm might feel good, it can lead to health issues like urinary tract infections.

Dr Brad McKay, a Sydney-based General Practitioner and host of Embarrassing Bodies Down Under, warns that holding on to your pee for too long will over-stretch your bladder and weaken the muscular bladder wall.

"This is usually a temporary effect, but can become permanent after crossing your legs a few too many times," he told ten daily.

An over-stretched or "floppy" bladder won't empty completely, meaning that a small amount of urine will remain in the bladder after you've peed. This isn't great, according to Dr Brad.

"Stagnant urine easily becomes infected with bacteria and can develop into a urinary tract infection," he said.

Many of us have experienced a UTI at some point in our lives and can attest that it is not fun. Dr Brad told ten daily that drinking plenty of water to flush out the "manky urine" -- his words, not ours! -- can often assist the infection to resolve on its own, however it sometimes needs the help of antibiotics.

If left untreated, a nasty UTI can spread from the bladder, into the ureters and all the way up to infect the kidneys which is bad news. "This makes you incredibly sick, and earns you a trip to the emergency department," said Dr Brad.

So, the bottom line is, please for the love of good go pee instead of waiting 'til you're busting.

But how often should we really be visiting the loo for a number one?

Again, Dr Brad had the answers. "The number of times you need to urinate depends on how much you’re drinking, diet, temperature of your environment, and how well your kidneys are functioning," he said.

"Everyone is different, but if you’re busting, you should probably visit the bathroom." Sounds sensible.

Dr Brad's final word on peegasms? "Holding on to your full bladder is OK for the odd emergency, but you don’t want to do it too often." Roger that, doc.

There are a couple of other options to explore instead of holding in your pee to get your kicks. Sex is an obvious one, or if you're riding solo, masturbation. You do you, literally!

Whatever y'all do, be safe and respectful. It'll make for a bigger and better O, if you know what we mean *wink wink*.

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