Meet Lu-Seal, Your New Fitspiration

Sick of celebrities flaunting their perfectly toned bodies on Instagram? Meet Lu-Seal the chubby chihuahua who blows them out of the water.

What you need to know
  • Lu-Seal was dumped at an animal shelter weighing over seven kilograms, double what a healthy chihuahua should weigh
  • She was so obese, she could only walk a few feet at a time
  • The lovable pup is now inspiring over 20,000 Instagram followers on her weight loss journey

Lu-Seal was a morbidly obese chihuahua who was dumped at a Pittsburgh animal shelter in the US , her original owners had given up hope and the nine-year-old pup was so overweight that she could barely walk.

She weighed over seven kilograms, double what a standard chihuahua should weigh. But luckily she won the heart of Julia, who took on the challenge of helping the chubster get healthy and within eight months she had shed the weight and was on her way to becoming insta-famous.

Under the care of vets and her new mum,  Lu-Seal was placed on a strict diet of 250 calories a day and given medicine to help with joint pain and other health problems due to her extreme weight.

Julia decided to document the lovable mutt's weight loss journey on Instagram and she started racking up fans faster than she could lose the kilos -- she currently has more than 20,000 followers.

The adorable pupper has now reached a healthy weight of around three kilograms and has dedicated her fame to inspiring other overweight pets reach their goal, with careful guidance from their humans.

The road to health wasn't easy with Lu-Seal only able to waddle a few feet at a time,  but she now boasts being able to walk more than one and a half kilometres.

Her weight loss was due to the vigilance of her mum who sought veterinary advice and fitted Lu-Seal with a special collar instructing visitors not to sneak her treats.

The pupper even has her own fitness monitor called a Fitbark to make sure she's getting enough exercise, and even though she's out of the danger zone, she still follows a balanced diet that includes lots of play and cuddles.

Julia donates the money Lu-Seal raises from merchandise sales and sponsorship deals to the animal shelter she was adopted from, and continues to use the cute canine's social media fame to bring attention to unwanted overweight pets who need fur-ever homes. What a good girl!

You can follow Lu-Seals transformation on Instagram at @lusealdog.

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