Science Says There Are Four Types Of Drunks

But which one are you?

There's no denying that after a drink or two -- or dare we say, several -- people's behaviour can change somewhat. We're only human, after all. But according to new research, we all handle our booze differently and can be categorised into one of four main groups.

The study -- conducted by researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia and published in the journal Addiction Research & Theory -- attempted to demystify the common types of drinkers, and the results were interesting, to say the least.

Scientists say there are four types of drunken behaviour. Image: Getty.

Aptly titled Searching for Mr. Hyde: A five-factor approach to characterising "types of drunks", the paper attempted to take some of the more anecdotal lists that have appeared on websites over the years and turn them into something more scientific.

So to put these theories into practice and get an answer once and for all, the researchers did something very scientific indeed. That's right, you guessed it ... they enlisted a group of people who were willing to go out and get drunk, all in the name of education, of course.

The study involved surveying 374 university students before and after drinking, and revealed that while some drinkers become more pleasant and jolly after a few tipples, others develop a range of unpleasant behaviours, ranging from being short-tempered and irritable, to aggressive and out of control.

"Some people are known to get angry and violent, careless and irresponsible, or weepy and inconsolable when drinking, and that is often what earns them the label of being a ‘problem drinker’," the researchers wrote in the paper.

In order to take this data and produce something more meaningful in terms of classifying "types of drunks", the researchers then categorised the four main types of personalities based on four easily-recognisable characters taken from pop culture.

Based on the results of the study, here are the four classes of drinkers named after a famous personality.

Ernest Hemingway

The largest group of drinkers -- roughly around 40 percent -- was suitably named the Ernest Hemingways. According to Time, the writer famously boasted that he could "drink hells any amount of whisky without getting drunk". That said, the researchers added that a Hemingway drinker usually doesn't show any changes in personality on the way to getting intoxicated.

The Nutty Professor

When it comes to the Nutty Professor drinkers, they are literally just that. In other words, these naturally introverted characters shed their inhibitions after one or two tipples, revealing a flashier, more confident persona induced by their chemically-altered state.

Mary Poppins

In contrast to the harshness of the Hemingways and Nutty Professors, Mary Poppins drinkers do indeed follow the "practically perfect in every way" principle, which the character famously bestowed on herself in the hit 1964 film. Whether introverted or not, these drinkers only get sweeter and happier with each and every drink.

Mr. Hyde

Good grief. Let's hope this last and final type of drinker isn't you or someone you know. They are the evil twin of drinkers, who at their very best are a bit rude and arrogant. As the researchers revealed in the study, they are "particularly less responsible, less intellectual, and more hostile when under the influence of alcohol".

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