Brave Tyler Faces Third Battle With Cancer

"I’ve done it twice, I can do it again.”

Tyler Fishlock has faced more adversities in fifteen years than most people will see over the course of their entire lives.

First battling cancer at the age of three, a second cancer diagnosis at the age of ten left him without sight when doctors found tumours attached to his retina.

In 2014, his family were overjoyed as they celebrated his remission, but now his mum Georgette has revealed the devastating news that Tyler is now facing a third battle with the deadly disease.

“It was agonising. I couldn't walk, Tyler told The Project, with his mum tearfully adding, “They did some X-rays and came back and said ‘He has a broken fibula. It looks like there is cancer in the bone,’” she tearfully told The Project.

"It took his eyes. When is it going to stop? His response was to hug us and tell us everything was going to be OK, he will do what he does best, to get on with it and fight it,” she said.

"Worst case scenario, if we get to surgery, they may need to amputate. I couldn't bear to live without him. That's my biggest fear. This special kid is meant to be here," she added.

Tyler, however, remains optimistic despite facing yet another obstacle with his health.

“I'm definitely not sitting in the hospital room, like, happy and stuff. I think I'm probably thinking about what I want to do in the future when this is all over,” he said, adding, “I have a motivational speech written out! I’ve done it twice, I can do it again.”

We’ve all got our fingers crossed for you, Tyler!

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