Khloe And Kylie Post Pics Of Their Post-Baby Bellies And I'm Conflicted

A flat belly is cool but not everyone has one, can get one or even wants one.

Most of us are pretty much across how having a baby works. You grow said baby inside your body and then, when it is ready, all going to plan, it comes out. There are a number of different ways said baby can end up in your body and a couple of techniques that can be involved in getting the baby out -- but otherwise, pretty standard stuff.

Anyone who has had a baby, maybe a couple, such as well, me, will know that after your precious baby enters the world your body is not quite the same. Or maybe it is, it really depends on a number of factors: your age, the number of babies you have birthed already, genes. Bottom line -- your body will bounce back to be a thing of beauty all by itself -- or you might have to work at it. Really, really work at it. And even then there will be only so much you can achieve. The truth of the matter is that when it comes to one's actual body shape there's not a great deal of control and will power involved.

Yes, you can be your very best you. But you cannot, will not ever be, someone else. Not that you'd want to be, right? But more on that below. Back to our story here...

Image: Instagram/@Khloekardashian.

Bodies actually do their own thing, with or without your permission. Irritating but very true. Which brings me to the Kardashian/Jenner clan. You may or may not know that two of the sisters, Khloe, 33, and Kylie, 20, gave birth to their first babies just weeks ago.

Khloe welcomed baby daughter True with boyfriend Tristan Thompson on April 12. Kid sister Kylie welcomed baby daughter Stormi with boyfriend Travis Scott on February 1.

And this week both women shared pics of their post-baby bellies to their Instagram accounts. Yes, they look amazing. They're Kardashians (well Kylie is a Jenner but same same) -- it's their job to look incredible. But our feeling is that any woman who has had a baby and can then actually get up, put clothes on and find the wherewithal to squeeze in a workout is a damn queen. So back to these two particular new mamas.

They both look terrific. They're both sharing shots of their physiques and props to them. But if you're a woman (or man) who looked at either of those images and felt anything but vague interest and perhaps even a little inspiration to get in a sweat session of your own, then we'd like to have a word. And it is this.

Bodies do what bodies do. And they will. The end. Yes, you can eat healthily and exercise too and that is very much recommended. It will boost your mood and your confidence and all the good stuff. Will it build you a completely different physique? Highly unlikely. Unless you're willing to dedicate your entire life to that endeavour.

It's an important message for everyone to absorb, but especially new mamas who are often deeply shocked and overwhelmed by the effect pregnancy and birth has had on their physical bodies, not to mention their souls. Sure, both Khloe and Kylie look wonderful. But I promise you -- so do you.

Feature image: Getty.