New Mum Camilla Franks' Heartbreaking Cancer Diagnosis

"This is a journey I will embark on with courage."

Fashion designer Camilla Franks has revealed she has breast cancer. The 42-year-old shared the devastating news on Wednesday May 9 via her Instagram account.

Camilla, who gave birth to her first baby just three months ago, declared she was determined to fight the disease and would do so with her partner musician JP Jones and their daughter Luna Gypsy by her side.

"Like all life’s adversities, we are choosing to unite and face this one with acceptance, endurance and love," she wrote.

"This is the only way -- and I have the best kind of love by my side. As you know, my beautiful Luna Gypsy arrived only a few months ago, and it is her joy and warmth that remind me that this is a journey I will embark on with courage -- for her and for us."

Camilla, who is famed for her vibrant, colourful kaftans, acknowledged that while she was not the only woman battling the disease she was frightened about the future.

"This year, 18,000 women in this backyard of ours will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. Today, I am one of them. Like anyone who has felt the unrelenting terror of being diagnosed, cancer was certainly never part of my plan. It’s something that JP and I have spent the last few days trying to process and confront," she wrote.

The post very quickly attracted thousands of comments from friends and strangers alike, all wishing Camilla and her family strength, love and the very best of luck.

Designer Camilla Franks poses ahead of the Camilla show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Resort 17 Collections. Image: Getty.

Camilla is due to show her new collection at Fashion Week Australia in Sydney on May 17. She was scheduled to close the event with her latest collection. It is believed the show will go ahead but it is unknown whether Camilla will be there on the day.

In an official statement the brand's CEO Jane McNally said: “We have no doubt that Camilla will face the challenging weeks ahead with her usual determination and exceptional fighting spirit. The love and support of her entire tribe is with her