Hamish Blake Exceeds All Expectations With Sonny’s Latest Isolation Birthday Cake

There's nothing fast and loose about Hamish Blake's uncanny knack for cake decorating.

Year after year, Australians eagerly await the birthday of our nation's favourite toddler-turned-schoolboy, Sonny Blake.

Every May, comedian Hamish 'Cake' Blake devotes a drunken, pressure-filled evening to whipping up an incredibly elaborate cake for his son's birthday. And each cake is, somehow, even more impressive than the last.



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The best part is Hamish and his skincare mogul wife Zoë Foster Blake document the entire process on Instagram. The annual event is big news on the Aussie calendar, because while Sonny is served cake, the rest of us are served something even sweeter -- #content.

For Sonny's sixth birthday, his cake was inspired by 'Aladdin', and the behind the scenes video will have you stitches.

Sonny requested the Cave of Wonders -- a large tiger head complete with a lit-up golden centre. And somehow, that's exactly what he got.

There's method to the madness. Image: Instagram

Leaving it to the very last minute, Hamish stayed up until 2:30am after a tequila-fuelled evening of cake decorating.

He constructed the centre of the cake with blocks and wrapped it in yellow marzipan and gold leaf. The structure allowed Hamish to shine a torch through the cake to create the glowing cave effect.

Mandatory tequila breaks, of course. Image: Instagram

He then wrapped multiple chocolate cakes around the structure to form the shape of the tiger head, and topped it off with purple icing, a nose and some teeth.

Taking multiple breaks to stretch, refill his tequila glass, and prematurely celebrate "the small wins," the cake was finally finished well into the morning. And it looked shockingly good.

The finished product. Image: Instagram

Zoë took to Instagram on Sunday to wish her boy a happy birthday and pat her hubby on the back for his hardwork.

She wrote, "My little boy turned six today, and my husband once again triumphed in his kid-throws-up-an-idea-for-a-cake-and-he-makes-it-the-night-before-no-matter-how-ambitious, game."

Hamish has made many extraordinary cakes for his son, each one of them with some kind of technical element involved as well, like an edible hinge, rotating dinosaurs tail or 'slime' spewing from a ghost's mouth.

A 'Ghostbusters' cake for Sonny's fourth birthday. Image: Instagram
A 'Cars' cake for Sonny's third birthday, and a dinosaur cake for his fifth. Image: Instagram

Happy birthday to Sonny Blake, and happy birthday to the rest of us eagerly watching along in awe.

Featured Image: Instagram

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