Calls To 'Veganise' The Iconic Australian Polly Waffle

PETA has issued an official letter calling to make Polly Waffle chocolate bars completely vegan upon their return to Australian supermarket shelves.

It's been more than a decade since the marshmallowy bars of deliciousness were ripped from our stores.

But earlier this month, South Australian confectionery company Robern Menz announced the beloved treat is set to return to the production line.



Famous Polly Waffle Set To Return To Aussie Shelves After Decade-Long Hiatus

Among the noise of Covid-19 and the perils of self-isolation, we finally have some good news for you.

Aussies flocked to social media to express their excitement that the nostalgic choccie is making a triumphant come back.

Following the news of the Polly Waffle's return, animal rights organisation PETA are imploring Robern Menz to 'veganise' the chocolate bar ahead of its relaunch.

According to PETA, veganism is booming among millennials and the business should take this opportunity to create a "greener, kinder chocolate bar."

In an open letter, PETA said that Australia's dairy industry is "a huge drain on a natural resource in a nation that has faced ongoing drought and catastrophic bushfires."

The letter also cited the welfare of animals: "every year in Australia, around 400,000 male calves born to cows on dairy farms endure a long, stressful journey to the abattoir to be killed for veal when they're still under 30 days old."

Could a vegan chocolate be a hit with millennials? Image: Getty/Supplied

They continued, "female calves [are] repeatedly forcibly impregnated and relentlessly milked, until they're considered 'spent' and slaughtered."

The 'veganising' of iconic Aussie foods is becoming increasingly common, with brands such as Milo and Drumstick adding plant-based options to their offerings. But the moves have been met with huge public backlash in the past.

Earlier this year, meat pie manufacturer Four'N Twenty were dragged through the mud on social media following the announcement they were adding a meat-free pie to their range.



Four 'N Twenty Has Launched A Plant-Based 'Meat' Pie And Aussies Are Not Okay

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Bunnings Are Hosting A Vegan Sausage Sizzle And Aussies Are Furious

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Similarly, a 'vegan' sausage sizzle at a West Australian Bunnings inspired a boycott of the charity barbecue.

At this stage, Robern Menz have yet to respond to PETA's calls for a vegan Polly Waffle.

Featured Image: Getty/Supplied

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