A Flight Attendant's Day While Working From Home Goes Viral

Before you stow away your laptop, watch this flight attendant hilariously recreate what it's like to work from home.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has ordered that all Australians who have the capacity to work from home, must do so.

This advice is inconvenient, to say the very least. But office workers are slowly learning to adjust, with their crappy Wi-Fi signals and a makeshift standing desks crafted from an upside down laundry basket and a stack of books.



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One of the silver linings of being in self isolation is the extra time we get to spend with our pets.

However, unfortunately for many workers, working from home is not only inconvenient, it's downright impossible. And one Canadian flight attendant is demonstrating just how ridiculous it is for those in her industry to WFH.

Kristen Gillett and her comedian husband, Wes Barker have put together a hilarious video of flight attendant skits, and it's exactly what you need to laugh your way into the weekend.

In the clip, Kristen simply can't leave her husband alone, constantly waiting on him with welcome beverages and hot towels. It sounds like a dream, until it means you can't get your laptop out without her ordering you stow it away for "safety."

Her idea of an at home yoga class is an award-worthy performance of the safety demonstration, on top of the yoga mat, of course.

And don't you even think of using the bathroom, it's occupied. It's always occupied.

"Would you care for a sweet or salty snack?"

"I love that you're trying to work from home, but I'm just trying to watch a movie, okay? So could you please knock it off?"

"... Sweet or salty?"

The couple's tongue-in-cheek video is a lighthearted look at the madness millions of people are facing.

So buckle up and enjoy their clip. No, seriously, buckle up. The seat belt sign is on.

Featured Image: YouTube

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