It's A Wonder Any Of Us Ended Up With Jobs After Watching 'The Hills' Growing Up

The cast of American reality television series 'The Hills' were the original influencers -- but without the business savvy and determination.

Like many tween girls with a collection of Dolly mags and an affinity for Supre bandeaus, I had big dreams of one day making it in the fashion industry.

But given the fact that I was spending my days deep in the suburbs of Sydney with a grand total of $15 to my name, I had to live out my fashion dreams vicariously.

So I glued my nose to the tele and kept up with the adventures of noughties screen queens, Lauren, Heidi, Whitney and Audrina.



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'The Hills' was a scripted reality show that aired between 2006 and 2010. The era that I like to call, the Golden Age of Talentless Tele.

The episodes followed four women in their late teens in LA as they tried to make it big in fashion, one public meltdown at a time. What started as a spin-off, quickly became a phenomenon, it felt like necessary viewing for anyone with hopes of making it through the school day.

The girls were social influencers before we had even heard the phrase. We were desperate for their braids and jealous of their jobs. At the time, the show was a lust-worthy look at all thing success and stardom. But retrospectively, it was a slap in the face for anyone who prides themselves on their work ethic.

'The Hills' cast. Image: Getty

Despite studying at fashion school and interning at Teen Vogue, the characters found plenty of time for parties and dud dudes. Looking back, it's a surprise any of us managed to land a job when we were taught skipping work to party would see us rise through the ranks at work.

If you're a fan of the show, you're more than familiar with the moment protagonist threw it all in. If you're not, allow me to introduce you to the hottest story arc to hit ever the canteen line -- when Lauren Conrad chose a boy over Paris.

Me, the moment Lauren threw away her dreams for a guy. Image: 'The Hills'

At the end of the first season, Teen Vogue offered wet blanket intern Lauren a chance to work in the Paris fashion industry. To which she replied, 'yeah, nah', in order to spend the summer with her two-bit boyfriend, Jason.

It was wild! Crazy! Unheard of! And it was an absolutely despicable precedent to set for any easily-influenced young person.

People like to talk a lot of smack about the influencers of today, but really, behind the bikini pics and saturated food photos is often a strong work ethic and a savvy approach to business.



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If you're gainfully employed and a 'Hills' fan from way back, congratulations. Because with tele icons like that, it's a wonder we didn't all trade in our Maccas jobs to chase a life of leisure and skinny eyebrows.

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