A Chair Has Been Specifically Designed To Let You Sit Cross-Legged At Your Desk

Rejoice! Your days of uncomfortably squishing yourself onto your chair are finally behind you -- but there's a catch.

Compared to the hard yakka of blue-collar jobs, working in an office seems like a pretty cushy arrangement. But those of us who simply can't get comfortable sitting on a swivel chair understand the true pains and pangs of sitting at a desk all day.

We're constantly knocking our knees on the bottom of our desks or spinning in circles as we try to wedge our legs up where we want them to be. It's embarrassing, and quite frankly, it hurts.

But thankfully there is a solution. It's called the soul seat, and it's about to change your life.

An American furniture company have designed a unique desk chair that allows you to comfortably tuck up your legs and sit in that cross-legged position your limbs so desire.

Health by Design developed the seat in order to allow workers to conveniently perch their legs underneath them, while still supporting the backside to maintain optimal blood flow.

The company argues that their design is not only comfy, it also improves posture by titling the pelvis forward and allowing the spine to straighten.

The scandi-inspired designs also make for a visually interesting piece of furniture, much more so than that broken black swivel chair we all know and hate.

If it's all sounding a little too good to be true, brace yourself for the hefty price tag. Soul seats retail for anywhere between $850 AUD to a whopping $1,775. Then throw $300 onto that to have it shipped to Australia.



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Maximum cross-legged comfort is finally a reality. So long as you have bottomless pockets...

For now, we'll have to stick to hugging our knees and pushing through the cramps. Or perhaps we give into the mainstream and actually start sitting correctly at our chairs look proper adults.

Look, I don't love the idea either. But here's where to start.

To correctly sit on your chair, this is what you need to do:

  • Push your hips back as far as possible on your chair.
  • Place your feet flat on the ground. No not under your bum or tucked on your lap, flat on the ground.
  • Put an inflatable pillow between your back and the chair for maximum comfort and support.
  • The back of your chair should be adjusted to a 100°- 110° angle.

Until the day comes when we cross-legged folk can enjoy the comforts of specially-designed chair, we're going to have to put up with the office norm. So may as well give in and do it properly.

Featured Image: Instagram