People Are Sharing Their Worst Email Mistakes And We're Cringing

What's worse -- spelling your own name wrong or accidentally calling your co-worker a slur?

It's all pretty awful, and if you're prone to severe secondhand embarrassment I suggest you stop here. Because a viral Twitter thread is encouraging people to share their email chain disasters. And oh man, it's not good.

Detroit local Maurice kicked it all off when he tweeted about a moment so "embarrassing", the cringe was felt by people all across the world.

When it comes to email etiquette, spelling somebody's name right is rule number one. But spelling your own name correctly? We would have thought that goes without saying.

The tweet has since gone viral, clocking up hundreds of thousands of likes and replies.

"In my defence, r and t are quite close," Maurice joked.



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The tweet itself is funny, but the real gold is hidden in the replies section. Twitter users are divulging their own slip ups, and a misspelled name is nothing compared to some of these confessions.

Forgetting the attachment was one of the more popular email chain troubles. So we can all feel a little bit less guilty about that now.

Seanna provided us with a lesson in regarding yourself highly, whether or not that was her intention.

Erica Grace gave us all a power move to keep in our back pockets.

Mike taught us that no matter what language you speak or where you are in the world, email disasters will always be painful.

No matter how awkward your mistake may be, absolutely nobody takes the cake over Misty, who's blunder will now be remembered as the worst typo of all time.

As the executive assistant to the CEO, Misty sent a company-wide email where she accidentally replaced the 'g' in "regards" with a 't'. "I don't think I've ever fully recovered from the embarrassment," she wrote. 

Another Twitter user shared her pain, confessing their own NSFW typo.

If there is any silver lining to this mortifying Twitter thread, it's knowing that we're not alone when we accidentally send awful emails.

If it's taught us anything, it's that we should all start proofreading our emails with meticulous attention to detail...

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