These Are Officially The Most (And Least) Popular Jobs Of 2019

SEEK have revealed the 10 most and least applied for jobs in the country, and the results speak volumes about the modern workforce.

Australia's largest employment site has analysed its data to decipher the biggest workforce trends driving job seekers this year.

Applying for a new job can be terrifying, especially when you consider that you're competing against potentially hundreds of other hopefuls.

So you'll find no comfort when I tell you that if you belong to popular industries like hospitality or administration, it really is a jungle out there.



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According to the data, entry level positions spark astonishing amounts of interest. And administration roles are becoming increasingly more prevalent as businesses lean towards digitising their daily processes.

If you're applying for positions in this realm in 2020, it's important to do all that you can to make your resume a cut above the rest.

Hospitality gigs are some of the most applied for in the country. Image: Getty

Australia's 10 most applied for jobs:

  1. Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics - Pickers & Packers, $48,498
  2. Retail & Consumer Products - Retail Assistants, $50,558
  3. Administration & Office Support - Receptionists, $49,442
  4. Hospitality & Tourism - Waiting Staff, $51,649
  5. Hospitality & Tourism - Kitchen & Sandwich Hands, $52,058
  6. Administration & Office Support - Data Entry & Word Processing, $50,642
  7. Hospitality & Tourism - Housekeeping, $55,715
  8. Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics - Assemnly & Process Work, $50,514
  9. Administration & Office Support - Administrate Assistants, $55,084
  10. Call Centre & Customer Service - Customer Service Call Centre, $55,042

Interestingly, of the top 10 most popular roles, not a single salary exceeds $55,000, whereas the majority of the least popular roles stretched well into triple figures.

Jobs that require specialist training were some of the least applied for. Image: Getty

Australia's 10 least applied for jobs:

  1. Healthcare & Medical - Midwifery, Neo-Natal, SCN & NICU, $82,027
  2. Legal - Construction Law, $127,039
  3. Legal - Environment & Planning Law, $117,527
  4. Healthcare & Medical - Speech Therapy, $78,780
  5. Legal - Insurance & Superannuation Law, $114,157
  6. Legal - Industrial Relations & Employment Law, $118,453
  7. Legal - Tax Law, $117,832
  8. Healthcare & Medical - Nursing Management, $108,031
  9. Healthcare & Medical - General Practitioners, $129,265
  10. Healthcare & Medical - Physiotherapy, OT & Rehabilitation, $78,562

Every one of the least popular roles is in either the legal or healthcare industry -- industries that typically require specific education and training.

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The above roles offer competitive salaries, and many of them allow for flexibility as well.

To better your chances of landing your dream job, it's important to take every opportunity to upskill. These positions are out there and they are considerably less competitive from an application sense.

If you had your heart set on sandwich making but are yearning for something a little less competitive, perhaps you're destined to be a doctor instead?

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