Why Bec And Chris Judd Haven't Shared A Bank Account In Their 17 Years Together

The pair have four children together but prefer to keep their accounts separate and have a system for how it all works.

Television presenter and model Bec Judd and her husband, AFL player Chris Judd have considered sharing a bank account, yet after deciding things were going well, they chose to keep them separate.

“We have full transparency and log ins for each other’s accounts and we can spy on each other if we wanted to,” Bec said on KIIS-FM.

The couple have four children together, Oscar, Billie, and Twins Darcy and Tom and divide up their expenses between the two of them, with Bec talking most of the kid related costs.

“He’s got certain things that he pays for, and I’ve got certain things that I pay for, like utilities, holidays, and food. I’ve got school fees; he’s got things, I’ve got things," the 36-year-old said.

"We’ll do a transfer from one to the other,” Bec said if one of them is running low on funds."

My accountant must think I’m bats s**t cray.

When asked who pays the bill when the couple eat out, Bec answered: “Usually him, sometimes me, whoever’s closest to the bill.”

The homewares designer also added she thinks it's a bad idea for couples to gave a joint bank account if they've "only been dating for a little while."

“That’s just headaches. You wouldn’t get it locked in until you knew this was the person you’re e going to spend the rest of your life with.”

Bec said she was with her now husband for about six months before they started discussing their fiances.

Featured image: Instagram