'Sound Suitably Dodgy?': Aussie Art Museum Posts P*ss-Taking Job Ad

If you've ever looked for a new job, you'd know most job ads are pretty stock standard and, well, a little dry.

Not if you're looking for a position at The Museum of Old & New Art (Mona) in Tasmania. You see, Mona is looking for advertising creative to join their in-house communications team. Fact.

And it turns out who ever wrote the job ad and posted it to SEEK has quite a good sense of humour. To start with, it begins with a 'sell' which is not common in most job ads.

"It’ll be fun," the job listing reads.

"Museum owner David Walsh only likes ideas he wouldn’t have thought of."

In fact, he mistakenly said this once, and we’ve been running with it ever since: 'Upset people if you can, fail if you must, just don’t let us drift to the f*cking middle.' Maths man has spoken.

The job is obviously based in Tasmania, which, as the job at said, "is awesome if you like Tassie. Stop reading if you’re not into Tassie."

It then goes on to list at length tasks the successful applicant will be working on. It is extensive -- and may or may not involve dildos. It notes: "You will not be bored."

Part of the job ad currently posted on SEEK Image: SEEK

In terms of experience? You'll need to have a bunch of skills. Pretty much all of the skills. In fact, enough to be a "one-person agency basically."

And a sense of humour is a must, "mostly to use as a coping mechanism."

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If by this point you haven't been scared off and the ad "sounds suitably dodgy" you are invited to apply.

If you're game enough, applications close at 9am on Monday 29 July. Good luck.

Featured image: SEEK