Dear Theresa May, Here's What To Do If You Lose Your Dream Job

Grab a cuppa and take a seat.

How are you, Theresa? No really, how are you?

Sure, it's OK, you can take a moment. We know, things are tough right now at work. Bet it feels like everyone is against you, right? How utterly crap, given becoming Prime Minister of England was no doubt your dream job.

You know what though? Don't stress. Things like this happen all the time. No seriously, they do! Finally, after slugging it out for years, you land your dream role, only to find it isn't everything you had been hoping for.

In fact, you might even say it's a little bit shit.

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Stand Back And Take Stock

Don't feel like a failure, because it's a really common problem, according to leadership mentor Michelle Gibbings.

"If you find yourself in a position like this the first thing we need to do is a stock take," Gibbings told 10 daily.

"How much do you really want the role?".

Are you listening, Theresa? Yes, those biscuits are there for you, help yourself.

Gibbings continued: "Often on the surface what people can see as their dream role can have a lot of stress attached to it. You have to work out how much you are willing to sacrifice to keep that dream role."

Instead of digging in deeper, Gibbings advised anyone feeling trapped with that forbidding inertia or not wanting to leave a role they have based their entire career around to remember that "there are always options".

There's always a right and wrong time to go.
Don't Take It Personally

Feeling a little better, Theresa? There, see? Told you that you weren't the only one.  What were the final vote numbers anyway? Oh, one-third of your party wanted you out? Look, that's not so bad. It's not great. But honestly, don't take it to heart.

While it's very easy to take things like this personally, Gibbings said it's often not about you at all.

"There might be stuff that’s going on that might have nothing to do with you as an individual that has nothing to do with you not having a role," she said.

Gibbings went on to say that even though your confidence can be shattered, try and look at what you can learn from the experience.

"Doing that will also help you decide if you're really prepared to stick it out in the job despite all the stress and setbacks," she said.

"Sometimes being in a job that’s tough isn't good for you -- it will only leave you more stressed. So don't be a martyr -- get out if you can."

What To Do When You Lose The Role

OK, Theresa, you're still PM. Great! (For you -- we'll leave everyone else's opinions on the British leadership out of it.)

But you're probably feeling a bit uncertain in your role -- understandable! That said, if you do end up losing the job, there are absolutely some ways to help you cope with it. And no, put down the wine.

First things first, according to Gibbings, "do not rush out an get another job".  Instead, she encourages people to take a couple of months off and have a bit of breathing space, if that's available to them.

"It's a time to let go of what happened in that role," she said.

"Reflect on what happened and what you’ve learned from it so that when you’re going back to the job market you’re not bitter and twisted, you won’t slag off on your former workmates and you can say, 'this is what I can offer'."

Anyway, if you still need some tips, give this bloke a call, he'll be able to help you out.

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