The Woman Behind The Hottest Bag Of The Year Explains How To Turn A Simple Idea Into A Business

The toppling of former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was without a doubt the biggest political news story of the year.

But, as it turns out, his predecessor Scott Morrison wasn't the only person to benefit from the coup.

Meet Gwen Blake. She's the creator of what has quite possibly become the bag of the season -- a simple canvass tote emblazoned with the words: Ban The Single Use Prime Minister.

And, as she tells ten daily, it all started with a meme. "It all kind of happened backwards," Blake said.

"I just made a meme and it got shared on social media. Then before I knew it it started going viral."

Blake, who already helps run the strategic packaging design company Boxer & Co., said that given how quickly the meme went viral, she knew she'd make sales before she even began working on the bag.

Only she never anticipated just how many sales she'd end up making. "At the beginning I ordered 100 and I ended up having to make 3,000," she laughed.

Since then they've been spotted on the arms of everyone including ABC author Leigh Sales.

Leigh Sales and fellow ABC presenter Annabel Crabb. Source: Instagram

Blake said she owes her success to social media, and credits "the generosity" of strangers for helping get her idea off the ground.

"I've been very luck in that I've been able to solicit people's opinions and gather a bit of a fan base on social media without having to spend any money," she said.

"It's something amazing and unique that wasn't available a few years ago."

The moment Blake knew she had something special, she took her idea to the people and asked them if her product was something they "genuinely liked".

"The feedback was incredible," she said. "People actually  wanted to help me."

As for what's next, Blake joked with ten daily that she's definitely felt the pressure of the "dreaded second album", but does have a new product which is set to drop very soon.

"I'm working on a project which celebrates the sisterhood -- because I think women were such a humongous help through all of this," she said.

"I want to celebrate that,and I also want to give back, so there's a charity element to it that will give back to women."

Here are some of Blake's tips for getting that niggling idea off the ground:
  •  Do all the research that you can and find out if the product is something people will genuinely like.
  • Do polls on social media. They're free and you'll get instant feedback.
  • It's better having an idea rejected than a product.
  • Once you put your idea out there make sure it's protected.

To order your own or to see more of Blake's designs visit her shop, Sans Sheriff.

Feature Image: Instagram