Here's Why You And Your Workplace Should Meditate

Get your ommmm on, and work more efficiently.

Here's something you may not know. Former Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise star Luke McLeod is all about meditation. In fact, he's so serious about it, the business culture consultant has launched a website called Soul Society to encourage others to learn how to do it.

Ommmm indeed.

And he's very keen to talk about why it's perfect for businesses who want to get the most out of staff -- and vice versa.

Looking calm at all times, right Luke? Image: Getty

Here, his top 4 reasons for getting a little more meditation, and a lot less madness in the workplace.

You can make more money

You wouldn't think money and meditation go hand-in-hand would you? Well, they do, according to Luke. "Whether you're the owner or working for a business, new empirical evidence has come out to suggest that meditation can put more moolah in your back pocket," he told ten daily. "Business school INSEAD ran a series of studies monitoring the difference in the decision making of professionals that meditated and those that didn't. It concluded that those that did, made better and more profitable decisions."

In particular, Luke told us, meditation had a bearing when it came to increasing resistance to “sunk cost bias”.

"That's when you persist with a bad decision because you're nervous about losing more time and money. For example, you might keep marketing a new product, even after it’s clearly not a hit just because the thought of losing all the effort you invested in getting it to market makes you feel a bit sick."

Oh we know that one.

You'll get more done

Ever had one of those days where you just can't seem to concentrate for longer than a couple of minutes. You're trying to write an important email, then for some reason you just grab your phone and scroll through Facebook for a bit, then look back at your screen for a couple of minutes, then get up and make a cup of tea, then google how much Egyptian 1000 thread count bed sheets cost, then try and write a few more lines of that email, then.... you get what I'm saying.

"Our mind’s natural state is to constantly jump around," said Luke, "flicking between ideas, switching from the past to the future to the present in seconds. " But a study done by the Harvard Business Review where MRI brain scans where done on people who meditated regularly showed that it quietened this mind-wandering process. "Therefore giving them more sustained concentration and in turn were able to get more done."

You'll get along with more people

It's often quoted that you'll spend more time with the people you work with than your partner. If this is the case, it makes pretty good sense to do what you can to get along with your colleagues. This is where meditation can help out too.

"The International Journal of Psychophysiology ran a study that showed meditation enhances your brain waves, particularly those of the alpha state --which is highly associated with empathy and self awareness," Luke told ten daily. "It's a strong social emotion which enables you to be more open-minded to others ideas and opinions."

You'll be happier

We can all agree that at the end of the day, this is what really matters. "There is countless research out there now that directly ties meditation with your level of happiness," Luke said. "But to throw just a little bit more science your way to prove it, neuroscientist Sara Lazar has run numerous studies on the effect meditation has on the brain. One showed that maintaining a consistent meditation practice leads to a change in a few major areas of the brain, which in turn increases your ability to cope with uncomfortable and difficult situations and stressful occurrences that life throws at you."

"Another area that changes in the brain with regular meditation is the amygdala," continued Luke. "This section controls fearfulness and anxiety, so the smaller that thing is, the happier you'll be as a whole."

Therefore, if, you're naturally more predisposed to being overly worried or stressed out, meditating regularly can quiet those overactive areas of your brain, and grow the areas responsible for joy and pleasure.

And good work practices too -- everyone's a winner, right?