Shark Tank Hopeful Iris Smit Just Took A Very Big Risk -- Will It Pay Off?

It's possible she just pushed the Sharks a little bit too far.

She's just 23, but Iris Smit isn't playing. The Perth local has a business and she reckons it's worth something -- three million to be exact. And on tonight's episode of Shark Tank she's determined to secure an investor.

And Iris is good. Really good. Girl is confident and selling hard. She's walking the Sharks, made up of Andrew Banks, Steve Baxter, Janine Allis, Naomi Simson and Glen Baxter, through her product and they're paying a lot of attention -- especially the two women. You see, both Janine and Naomi know exactly what Iris is selling tonight.

The blokes? Not so much.

"I'm hoping that my product will take the stress out of every woman's morning," Iris is saying. "I'm hoping that with this product they will be able to get out of the door three or four times faster than they would normally."

Janine and Naomi are nodding in agreement. Their faces say nothing but, 'Tell us more'. And Iris is ready to.

"My product is a self-inked eyeliner stamp that is customised for each eye," she explains looking each Shark in the eye for just a moment. And it's then that Steve speaks -- possibly for a huge number of men if not all of them. "Can you take 30 seconds to explain what winged eyeliner is?" he asks.

Cue snorts of laughter all round -- the other men included. Although why they're chortling is anyone's guess because it doesn't really look like they had any idea what Iris is on about either frankly.

Soon though the men are up to speed on winged eyeliner and exactly what it is. The words 'fashionable' and 'stylish' are thrown about and Iris is able to explain exactly what her beauty product is and just how it can change women's lives and for the better. And suddenly the atmosphere shifts -- and there's crackling electricity everywhere. Well, not really, but it sure feels like it from this side of the screen.

There's a couple of Sharks who have a new-found appreciation for Iris and her product dubbed The Quick Flick. And things start to get very, very interesting indeed.

There's edge of the seat business mojo going down and then Iris does something truly unexpected. What exactly? Well, you'll need to watch and see that for yourself. But trust us when we say it is quite something and Iris is one young woman we'd all be wise to watch. Girl is switched on and there's a couple of Sharks out there who are now only too aware of that fact.

Shark Tank airs 8.45 Tuesdays on TEN and tenplay

Feature Image: Instagram/@TheQuickFlick