Shark Tank's Steve Baxter Does Not Have Time For This Nonsense

'It's business, not entertainment'

Steve Baxter is driving his car through the streets of Brisbane and while he’s not exactly stressed, he’s not particularly relaxed either. The entrepreneur, and co-host of Network Ten’s Shark Tank, is busy. He’s also a bit short. Not in stature. But in temperament -- absolutely. And on tonight’s episode of the successful series viewers will see that infamous short fuse in all its glory.

“Season four of Shark Tank ramps up the rivalry between our five alpha Sharks, as they battle each other for the best deals. And there’s plenty to fight over; from a schoolboy whose business is already turning over $500,000 a year, to a 75-year-old with a radical new approach to the electric drill. Deals will be closed and doors will be opened,” Network Ten executive producer Paul Leadon said in a statement about the return of the series.

And he wasn’t playing either. Like we said, tonight’s episode is full of brimstone and fire -- most of it coming from Steve Baxter who doesn’t take kindly to losing a deal that he was banking on. Sure it pissed him off that he didn’t score the business, but it was more than that. Steve felt the other hosts undermined him and he didn’t much like it (cough).

Image: Network Ten.

Steve’s take on the experience is pretty specific. It wasn’t that he lost the deal that bothered him -- although he didn’t like it, but that he felt the other sharks did him wrong.

“I made an offer and it was what the team wanted but then Janine and Andrew too I think tried to undermine the deal,” says Steve. “I believe they were the wrong investors for the business.”

Like we said, Steve didn’t enjoy this development much. In fact it bothered him so intensely that he stormed off set altogether.

“I got the shits and walked out basically,” he says.

To find out what happens next you’ll have to tune in to the episode. But even if you don’t see the actual show there’s an important message there for would-be entrepreneurs. And that is do your research or be prepared to suffer. What do we mean by that exactly? Or more to the point what does Steve Baxter mean? Well, this pretty much.

“There will always be people who will give you money,” he says. "But if you’re going to take on an investor then you need to do your research and see that they’re the right investors for you. You need to look for the investor who is best suited to you and your business.”

The questions you’ll need to ask include the following: does this specific investor have the right skill set for you, can you work together, do they have a plan for you and your business future?

If you ask these questions and get satisfactory answers, then it’s time to make a decision. And then get ready to work and likely harder than you ever have before.

“Business is tough,” says Steve. "But then it’s not meant to be easy … if you want an easy gig go work in the public service.”

Shark Tank airs 8.45 Tuesdays on TEN and tenplay