Lingerie Sales Have Spiked While We're All Staying Under The Doona

Aside from scented candles and face masks, it seems women are spending big on lingerie.

Lingerie sales peaked in early April, up one third when compared to the same time last year, according to AAP.

And it's no coincidence that with self isolation beginning in mid-March, Aussies were looking to spice things up in the bedroom no more than a fortnight later.

The boom has seen purchases from Big Girls, Australia's largest independently owned lingerie and swimwear business, increase by 50 percent online, according to its founder Karen Edbrooke.

Women are spending big on lingerie. Image: Instagram

“Women are spending more time on the internet and they are really wanting to indulge themselves while in lockdown," Karen said.

"Pretty, patterned and luxurious lingerie is selling really well. Our sales have increased so much that we have had to bring onboard seven new staff to help us cope with our internet orders.”

Founded by Karen 28 years ago, the brand prides itself on offering lingerie and swimwear for women of all sizes. Beginning as a small shop, it has now evolved into a huge operation across Australia and also ships overseas.

“Sales during isolation have really surprised us," Karen said.

I think women just want to feel good about themselves while in isolation and treat themselves to a gorgeous new bra. Bras are such a great COVID antidote.

"Women now have more time to browse online and buy something nice for themselves.”

In April, Karen and her team launched their new expanded premises in Brisbane and has hired over 30 staff while intending to continue recruiting for the next six to 12 months.



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“Our expansion plans had been in place for a while," Karen said.

"As a team, in light of the need for women to continue to access lingerie and swimwear, we realised that our online services and offerings were more important than ever in this heightened time of worry and isolation. We are so pleased that we went ahead with the expansion."

Karen is determined to make sure her business continues to support the community during the coronavirus pandemic while also evolving as a retailer.

“We must be one of the few retailers expanding and growing at this time -- and we are really proud of this," Karen said.

“While our online sales are increasing, we also opened a drive-through click and collect facility so our locally based customers can collect items in person without having to get out of their cars."

Big Girls isn't the only business to see a spike on their lingerie sales. The Iconic also reported an increase in sales of racy items including body suits and underwire bralettes.

Featured image: Instagram 

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