Melbourne's Chapel Street Has Turned Into One Big Drive-Thru

No restaurants? No worries.

Restaurant and cafe owners have come up with a genius solution to keep their businesses running while still offering you a tasty dish for your cheat-night dinner: restaurant drive-thru.

A number of restaurants on Melbourne's Chapel Street have come together to develop what they have dubbed the 'Word's Largest Drive Thru', where locals are able to order food directly and pick up their order right from their car door.

The initiative was kick-started to help hospitality workers who have found themselves with less work of have been out of work due to social gathering restrictions brought in during March to combat the coronavirus.

Why not dine on your pasta in the car? Image: Supplied

And you can see exactly which restaurants are participating by keeping up to date on the Chapel Street Precinct website which will continue to be updated.

General Manager of Chapel Street Precinct Association, Chrissie Maus said, "By ordering directly -- more money will flow through to the restaurants and local employees, rather than being gobbled up by foreign owned delivery apps."

The campaign highlights how our businesses are getting savvy with their takeaway offerings while also showing the creative ways to collect your food! I’m quite excited by the idea of Melburnians embracing In Car Dining.

CSPA Chairperson Justin O’Donnell acknowledged how tough restaurants are doing at the moment, noting that 'every every skerrick of income is important if the small businesses of Australia are to survive this crisis."

O’Donnell added that most well-known Delivery Apps take up to 35 percent from each restaurant's order, an amount often higher that the restaurant's own profit margin.

"The small businesses of Chapel Street Precinct, like all small businesses around Australia, are owned by hard-working people who pay their fair share in tax and employ Australian workers," he said.



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"As a comparison, in 2018 Uber barely paid 1 percent company tax in Australia; only $8.5 million of its whopping $785 million-dollar income was handed over to the government.”

O’Donnell said the initiative would ensure customers stayed safe while social distancing was maintained.

"In most cases, you can park out the front and the restaurant will be happy to bring your order to your car or better yet if you live close by why not go for a short walk and collect, that way you get some fresh air and fresh hot food as well, win-win."

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