Craft Store Spotlight Help To Make Scrubs For Australian Nurses Following Shortage

Doctors and nurses have reported serious shortages when it comes to protective equipment required in hospitals amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Federal Government advised medical staff dealing with potential coronavirus patients would need to wear gowns, gloves, eye protection and a P2/N95 respirator.

However, medical groups have voiced their concerns over the availability of these supplies, particularly following the panic buying of essential items by the general public.



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Previously speaking on ABC Melbourne, Australian Medical Association president, Dr Tony Bartone, said the healthcare sector had it's supply of gloves and face masks impacted.

"We need to ensure that there is no breakdown in that supply chain to the frontline healthcare staff," he said.

"They're going to be crucial in the response over coming weeks and months."

Healthcare workers have been facing a shortage of vital supplies. Image: Getty

As a result the Federal Government called on Australian businesses to help where ever possible to assist in the supply of vital supplies needed in hospitals.

Today, Spotlight confirmed they would be donating 10,000 metres of fabric and hundreds of patterns to support the making of much-needed medical scrubs.

Australian healthcare workers have taken to several online forums to identify an urgent need for extra pairs of scrubs to help fill the gap of what hospitals can supply, with many doctors concerned they cannot source scrubs quickly enough with some told to expect these in May or June.

Spotlight is donating fabric and patterns to help make scrubs just like these ones. Image: Supplied

The business said they would donate the materials to Australian groups and individuals who were able to use their time to make the much-needed scrubs and then deliver these to frontline medical staff across the county as soon as possible.

So far, some of the groups who have received the donated fabrics include Rona Scrubs, an organisation set up by a group of friends with loved ones on the frontlines fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic, Western Health (VIC) and Ord Valley Aboriginal Health Service (WA).

The CEO of Spotlight, Quentin Gracanin, encouraged keen sewers to 'pitch in' using their supplies to help get scrubs to where they are needed most.



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Spotlight has further created a dedicated Facebook group called 'Spotlight Crafts for a Cause’ where they invite the healthcare community to register their needs and sewers are able to express their interest and provide their support by confirming how many sets of scrubs they are able to make.

The hub also contains useful information regarding how the scrubs can be safely supplied to health care workers when they are completed.

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