Shoppers Point Out Problems With Packing Your Own Bags

Woolworths has introduced a number of measures in store to adhere to social distancing measures put in place by the government in response to coronavirus.

One of these measures is asking customers to pack their own shopping bags at the checkout and if a customer's shopping bag is not clean, the supermarket will replace it for free.

However a number of shoppers have complained about the new measure on the Woolworths Facebook page, claiming that packing their own shopping bags is counter-intuitive when it comes to decreasing the spread of the virus.



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Customers have noticed the specials catalogues from the supermarket giants have been looking lighter than usual.

One customer said there was not enough bench space to allow her to pack her shopping, causing it to fall on the floor for her to pickup.

"The checkout person just kept loading up the small amount of bench that there was and ended up reaching over me while I was trying to pick up stuff to bag it," the woman wrote.

There was way more chance of contamination than if she just packed the groceries into bags as normal.

Another customer noted that asking shoppers to pack their own bags increased the handling time of the product and time spent at the checkout.

"The checkout attendant will pick up the item, scan it and then place it at the end of the checkout. Why couldn’t they just scan it and place in a bag? It’s the same amount of touching of the product," the shopper wrote.

"I feel this defeats the purpose and makes more work for customers who then hang around the store longer and build up lines."

Customers think packing their own bags poses more of a risk. Image: Getty

Speaking to 10 daily, a Woolworths spokesperson clarified customers packing their own bags, as well as the supermarket's other measures, had all been designed to uphold the health and wellbeing of our customers and team members.

"The safety and health of our teams and customers remains our top priority as we continue to support the essential food and grocery needs of the Australian community," the Woolworths spokesperson said.

These measures have been well received by our customers and team members to date and we're grateful for the community support of this important public health effort.

Woolworths have also introduced a number of other measures at the checkouts to encourage social distancing, including rotating their staff every two hours to ensure face-to-face interactions are limited and encouraging customers to use tap and pay wherever possible.

In addition, the supermarket has rolled out the use of plexiglass screens across  their manned checkouts as an extra safeguard for their team members and customers.

When it comes to the self service checkouts, where customers already pack their own bags, Woolworths has also closed some registers to provide additional space between customers in those areas.



Call For Woolies To Make Supermarket Aisles One-Way To Help Social Distancing

Shoppers are calling for the supermarket giant to add a new measure following on from their recent rules around social distancing in stores.

The Woolworths spokesperson told 10 daily that the supermarket is continually assessing their social distancing and hygiene measures day by day and acting accordingly.

"It is likely we will continue to introduce more measures in the future and will clearly communicate these to our customers as they come into effect," the spokesperson said.

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