Woolworths And Coles 'Suspend' Specials After Unprecedented Stock Demand

Customers have noticed the specials catalogues from the supermarket giants have been looking lighter than usual.

And while Woolworths and Coles work to supply unprecedented demand from the public during the coronavirus pandemic, shoppers have questioned why their specials are so scarce.

"My local Woolworths is currently running zero specials, I checked every aisle, what happen to your weekly specials?" one customer questioned on the Woolworths Facebook page.

"It has not escaped my shopping attention that you now are very 'shy' with the specials you now offer on most shelves," added another.



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Speaking to 10 daily, Woolworths confirmed they are currently 'unable to fulfill a full catalogue of specials' due to the unprecedented demand of supplies caused by panic buying in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

"We understand the uncertainty facing households right now and remain focused on offering quality food and groceries to our customers at competitive prices," a Woolworths spokesperson told 10 daily.

As we reset our stock supply position after weeks of unprecedented demand, we're working to reinstate many of the specials our customers know and love.

Woolworths explained shoppers can find what is currently on special in their most recent catalogue and that we can expect to see more specials in the weeks ahead.

"We continue to offer thousands of everyday low prices on key essentials through our Prices Dropped and Low Price Always programs," a Woolworths spokesperson said.

"We'll continue to work closely with suppliers to get products on the shelves as quickly as we can to make these specials available again soon. Thanks for your continued patience and support throughout this time."

Coles told 10 daily they have also made the decision to 'suspend' their weekly catalogue from this week, stating it is a 'temporary measure' after finding themselves in a similar position in relation to stock levels.

Woolworths and Coles are struggling to supply their specials. Images: Instagram

"We know how important the Coles catalogue is for customers to build their shopping list and help them get the best value groceries each week," a spokesperson for Coles said.

"As a temporary measure, we have reluctantly decided to not distribute the Coles catalogue to households from this week."



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Coles explained their reasoning is they did not want their customers to be 'disappointed' if an advertised special was not available in-store due to unprecedented demand for stock from the public.

"We will still continue to have a wide range of products on special each week in-store and encourage customers to keep an eye out on the yellow tickets when they visit their local Coles store."

Featured image: Instagram

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